Student Projects

What's a Project?

Have you ever thought "that would be a cool thing for students... but I wouldn't know where to start"?

That thing is a project and you start right here!

We want to make it as easy as possible for any student at the University of Oxford to turn their ideas into reality.

If you wish your college paid their staff a living wage... that's a project

If you'd like students to use more environmentally friendly trashing materials... that's a project

If you want the University to divest from fossil fuel companies... that's a project

If you want the government to stop taxing female hygiene products as luxury items... that's a project

If you'd like to organise an outdoor screening of Terminator 2.... that's a project

We will guide you through planning your project, presenting it to Student Council, and we'll give each project £200 to get you started.

How do I start my own Project?

  1. Come to the SU for a meeting with our Student Engagement Team where we'll discuss your idea
  2. We'll help you put together a project proposal document with a budget and plan
  3. Pitch your project at Student Council and get started making project a reality!

You'll get support from our Student Engagement staff team, funding, a space on the Oxford SU Website, Social Media support and promotion, and lots more.

Click the button below to get in contact and start your project.

Start a Project