Jewish Students Guide

Full credit to Oxford JSoc, Jewish Chaplains (Rabbi Michael & Tracey Rosenfeld-Schueler) and all other student volunteers that helped put it together.

Disclaimer: This guide has been complied by current Oxford Students and to the best of their knowledge, is accurate. However there may have been changes since publication. If you would like current advice about the information here or any welfare issue, please contact

Before Arriving in Oxford

If you would like to put a mezuzah on your door and you have a spare one at home, do bring that. If not, the Chaplains can purchase one for you at cost price. Best to put up using blu tack and to let college know what it is (so that scouts don’t remove it).

Most important thing for Freshers to do is to join the Oxford JSoc Facebook group and the freshers group that they make annually:

JSoc (Jewish Society)

Oxford University Jewish Society (JSoc) acts as a hub for Jewish life at Oxford.

They host really popular Friday night dinners in the Oxford Jewish Centre every week, with a three course meal for £5

They also run events on many weekdays, including talks, supper quizzes and even Jewbilation, which is a big party that takes place twice every year.

JSoc also exists to support Jewish students on campus with any issues they may have so please get in contact with Oxford JSoc either through our Facebook page or at if you have any questions!

Staying Connected to Judaism

University Jewish Chaplaincy, Oxford; Rabbi Michael & Tracey Rosenfeld-Schueler are the Oxford Jewish Chaplains, and they are on campus to provide support to Jewish students in Oxford. See below link for contact details:

Prayer Services are held at the Oxford Jewish Congregation in Jericho There is a mix of services including Orthodox, Masorti and Liberal Judaism. 

Religious traditions during Oxford term - If any of the Jewish holidays fall during term time the JSoc and Chaplains will be able to help you.


It can sometimes be difficult to get Kosher food, but this should give you some guidance as to how you can get it:

Final Pieces Of Advice

There is a great system in place to avoid exam clashes with shabbat and yom tov. This will require registering in the first 4 weeks of Michaelmas term. The information can be found here under the religious observance heading

Antisemitism - If you experience any type of anti-semitism, in an emergency situation first contact the police. Report the incident to CST