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  • Action Tutoring logo

    Action Tutoring

    Action Tutoring is an education charity that supports disadvantaged young people to achieve meaningful qualifications on leaving primary and secondary school.

    Our support is needed more now than ever before to help make up for the education lost over the pandemic. Volunteer as an English or maths tutor with us for one hour a week, and you will be helping these young people reach their potential as well as gaining valuable work experience and skills that employers love!

  • Assisted Reading for Children Oxfordshire (ARCh) logo

    Assisted Reading for Children Oxfordshire (ARCh)

    Oxfordshire has almost 16,000 children living in poverty; ten of its wards are listed in the top 25% most disadvantaged nationally. ARCh is an award-winning charity, unique in Oxfordshire, which reaches out to many of these children in primary schools across the county. Since its inception in 2008 ARCh’s professionally trained Reading Helpers to transform the lives of thousands of children by giving them a lifelong love of reading.
  • Asylum Welcome logo

    Asylum Welcome

    At Asylum Welcome, we provide information, advice and practical support to refugees, vulnerable migrants and unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

  • Barnardo's Oxon Star Breaks logo

    Barnardo's Oxon Star Breaks

    Barnardo's Oxfordshire Star Breaks runs out of school clubs (after school and school holidays) in Abingdon and Witney for young people with additional needs providing a safe, fun environment.

    We are looking for volunteers to support Young People to engage with activities such as cooking, gardening, arts & crafts, music & singing, and playing during out of school club sessions.  If you are interested in working with young people with additional needs, we would love to hear from you.

    If you can spare one afternoon per week, 3.00 pm -6.00 pm term time or are available in school holidays 9.00am – 3.00pm, we’ll train and support you in doing a really worthwhile job. You can make a difference.

  • Bookmark Reading Charity

    As a Bookmark online reading volunteer, you’ll help a 5-9 year-old learn to read, so that they can succeed in school and beyond. You will read together, play games, and see your reader progress.

    Each year, eight children in an average class will leave primary school unable to read well. These?children will often struggle in school, and beyond. Many children have fallen even further behind with their reading after the devastating impact of Covid-19. 

    As a Bookmark online volunteer, you could do something incredible and change a child’s story. 

    You’ll help a 5-9 year-old learn to read, developing their skills and confidence. You will read together, play games, and see your reader progress, all through our secure online platform. 

    Our programme involves 30-minute sessions with the same child, twice a week, for six weeks. You book your programme through the Bookmark app and select sessions at times that work with your schedule. 

    “It was such a wonderful experience. I was very happy knowing that I was helping someone. The child really improved a lot during the 6 weeks. It was really rewarding for me to see the improvement.” — Joe, Bookmark volunteer 


    Why volunteer with Bookmark? 

    Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on children’s education. One in four children had no schooling or tutoring at all during lockdown, and school closures are estimated to have undone 10 years of progress in narrowing the attainment gap for disadvantaged children.?  

    As a Bookmark volunteer, you’ll help to stop that trend. You’ll: 

    • Help children who struggle with their reading gain essential skills at a crucial age. This will prepare them to move up the school, ready to tackle new challenges without falling further behind. Three quarters of our volunteers noticed their reader become more confident with their reading. 

    • Make learning to read fun by bringing your own personality into the sessions and getting to know your reader’s interests. It’s amazing when you introduce a book, comic or poem for the first time that they love! 90% of teachers said that pupils enjoy reading more after our programme. 

    • Give a child one-to-one attention and be a role model. Teachers have told us that children really benefit from this dedicated time and found it boosted their self-esteem and confidence as well as their reading. You can read more about this in our Impact Report

    Helping a child with their reading is also really fun and rewarding. Over 60% of our volunteers said their own wellbeing had improved because of volunteering with Bookmark.  


    Is volunteering with Bookmark right for me?  

    Our volunteers are all ages and from all walks of life. At Bookmark we aim to make volunteering accessible to as many people as possible, so we can help more children.  

    • Are you over 18 and currently living in the UK? 

    • Are you passionate about literacy and its importance? 

    • Are you able to show enthusiasm, encouragement, empathy and patience? 

    • Can you commit to two 30-minute sessions a week, for six consecutive weeks? 

    • Are you willing to complete at least 3 six-week programmes a year? 

    • Can you provide two references for your application (for safeguarding reasons)? 

    • Do you have access to a PC, laptop or Chromebook with a webcam and internet connection (iPads, phones and tablets are not compatible), and do you feel relatively comfortable using technology?  

    • If NO, then you can still apply to be to volunteer on our face-to-face programmes in future - our team will be in touch once it is safe to resume these.  

    • Are you planning to volunteer from a work computer? Check here to see if you can access our reading platform. 


    About Bookmark: 

    Bookmark is a literacy charity giving children the reading skills and confidence they need for a?fair chance in life, through our flexible, volunteer-led programme.? 

  • Breast Cancer Now

    Breast Cancer Now is a UK charity providing world-class research and life-changing care for people affected by breast cancer.

  • CEASE UK logo


    CEASE UK are a national human rights charity whose mission is to expose and dismantle the cultural and commercial forces driving all forms of sexual exploitation in Britain.



    CEASE is a rallying place for survivors, activists, the curious, the hopeful, the discontent and all who want to see an end to sexual exploitation in the UK. 

    We are a national human rights charity whose mission is to expose and dismantle the cultural and commercial forces driving all forms of sexual exploitation in Britain. We see the links between child sexual exploitation, sex trafficking, pornography and prostitution, and work alongside survivors and frontline organisations to end sexual exploitation in the UK by lobbying the Government, campaigning and more.

  • - Charity Concierge logo - Charity Concierge

    Charity Concierge is a social enterprise for festival lovers everywhere. Each year, we take hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers to the UK and Ireland's best music festivals

    Charity Concierge is a social enterprise for festival lovers everywhere. Each year, we take hundreds of enthusiastic volunteers to the UK and Ireland's best music festival, including Download, Latitude, Camp Bestival, and Electric Picnic. But Charity Concierges won't spend long shifts stewarding in a field. They work at the heart of the festival to bring festival-goers the services they love. Depending on the festival, Charity Concierges will volunteer on.


  • Children's Air Ambulance

    National service providing inter-hospital transfers for critically ill babies, children, and teenagers. We fly up to four times faster than the same journey by road.

    National service providing inter-hospital transfers for critically ill babies, children, and teenagers. We are the first and only dedicated paediatric helicopter emergency transfer service in this country. Our helicopters carry bespoke specialist equipment onboard providing a flying intensive care unit for children. We fly up to four times faster than the same journey by road which could be the difference between life and death.

    For our patients, time saved can be a life saved.

    Our vision is clear. To ensure children grow into adults, for adults to live longer and for families to stay together, as bereavement through trauma becomes rare.

    Each of our services works tirelessly to save lives and alleviate sickness, wherever and whenever possible.

    Do you enjoy being part of your local community? Are you looking for a flexible volunteering opportunity with the chance to meet new people and make a difference? Join the team at Children's Air Ambulance today!


  • CLIC Sargent logo

    CLIC Sargent

    When cancer strikes young lives CLIC Sargent helps families limit the damage cancer causes beyond their health. Cancer doesn’t discriminate. Today, 11 more children and young people will hear the devastating news that they have cancer. From diagnosis, CLIC Sargent’s specialist care teams will step in, ready to help, support and guide. We provide a specialist package of support tailored to each young cancer patient and their family. CLIC Sargent will fight tirelessly for children and young people with cancer, often when they feel they can’t. We do this individually, locally and nationally.
  • Connection Support logo

    Connection Support

    Whether you want to gain experience to move into a career in the social support sector, fill up your spare time, or simply make a difference; we would love to hear from you. Volunteering with Connecti

    Whether you want to gain experience to move into a career in the social support sector, fill up your spare time, or simply make a difference; we would love to hear from you. Volunteering with Connection Support offers many exciting opportunities. There is no typical volunteer, we believe that everyone has something valuable to offer. Whether your skills are practical, admin, language-based or people-centered, we can find a role to suit you!

  • Coroners' Courts Support Service

    The Coroners’ Courts Support Service offers emotional support and practical help to bereaved families, witnesses and others attending an inquest at a Coroners' Court.

    A Coroner’s Court can be a bewildering and confusing place to attend. Bereaved families and witnesses often have little or no understanding of the processes and procedures that occur and may feel that they have not been able to fully participate in the proceedings. This may have an impact on their ability to recover or move on within the grieving process. The very difficult circumstances surrounding the death that warrants an Inquest already makes the grieving process complicated and can often delay the normal, natural grieving process. The CCSS volunteers explain the processes, procedures and the remit of the Inquest thus helping those attending to have a much better understanding of their role within this, often frightening environment (indeed, some witnesses have attended an Inquest believing that they will be found guilty of a criminal offence and sent to prison). The relief they have felt once the volunteer has been able to explain the remit is palpable.

    The volunteers face very distressed people every day from many different backgrounds, circumstances and lifestyles. It is vital that our volunteers are able to support everyone who attends with a non-judgmental attitude.

  • Crisis Skylight Oxford logo

    Crisis Skylight Oxford

    We support people out of homelessness for good in Oxfordshire. We do this through education, training and support with housing, employment and health.

    We work directly with thousands of homeless people every year. We provide vital help so that people can rebuild their lives and are supported out of homelessness for good. We offer one to one support, advice and courses for homeless people specifically in the Oxfordshire area. How we help someone depends on their individual needs and situation. It could be with finding a home and settling in, getting new skills and finding a job, or help with their health and wellbeing. We use research to find out how best to improve our services, but also to find wider solutions to homelessness. Together with homeless people and Crisis supporters, we campaign for the changes needed to end homelessness for good.

  • Democracy Volunteers logo

    Democracy Volunteers

    Our mission is to improve the quality of democratic elections, by advising those who legislate for, administer and oversee elections, to enhance them for the benefit of voters.

    Our mission is to improve the quality of democratic elections, by advising those who legislate for, administer and oversee elections, to enhance them for the benefit of voters.

    We aim to do this by attending elections and empirically reporting our findings in an accessible way through statistical analysis and interlocutor meetings to support this objective. We do this through a strong methodology, based on the international standards for election observation as set out by OSCE/ODIHR and others.

    We maintain strict impartiality and require our observers to abide by UK and international standards, as well as the relevant local legal framework, when acting as our observers.

    We aim to report on our observations in a constructive and encouraging way to benefit the delivery of democracy and to benefit the electorate as a whole.

    A key objective for Democracy Volunteers and our international partners is to campaign for better access for election observers to all elections. A key element of this strategy is persuading all OSCE member states to abide by their treaty commitments.

  • Dig Deep Challenges logo

    Dig Deep Challenges

    Dig Deep works to help schools and communities get access to water and sanitation. We work together to build taps and toilets; to ensure that water and sanitation services are maintained for the long term; and to provide vital hygiene training to the next generation.
  • EasyA

    Our mission is to provide free tutoring for all students. If you believe that academic support should be available for everyone, not just those who can afford it, please join us on our mission!

    EasyA, a London-based nonprofit EdTech founded by recent Oxbridge grads, is recruiting volunteer tutors. All tutoring is done via mobile app, whenever volunteers are free to help, and there's no minimum time commitment. 

    Interested students please sign up here:

     We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Enrych Oxfordshire logo

    Enrych Oxfordshire

    Enabling adults with a physical disability to enjoy leisure, learning and social opportunities across Oxfordshire.

    Enrych Oxfordshire was established 35 years ago by Leonard Cheshire and Sue Ryder. Since then, we have been enabling adults with a physical disability to enjoy leisure, learning and sporting opportunities. We ensure that when we are working with our members, we take a person-centred approach. 
    We offer a number of different services and these include: 
    - Enrych Support 
    - Enrych Interact  
    - Enrych Connect 
    - Social Events 
    We also have core values and these are: 
    - Trust 
    - Respect 
    - Integrity 
    - Transparency 
    Our vitally important work is funded by grants from Trusts and Foundations and community fundraising. We work with the community and other like-minded organisations to support our members to achieve their goals. 
    To find out more about what we do and how to get involved, please visit our website.

  • Farm Ability logo

    Farm Ability

    We are a charity providing a farm-based programme for co-farmers (adults with learning disabilities and often also autistic spectrum disorder). The programme runs 5 days per week, 50 weeks of the year, and currently we offer 60 day sessions each week. Working in small groups supported by our Programme Leaders, co-farmers gain a real sense of purpose and achievement while building the practical and vocational skills they need to move forward in their lives. Activities include growing vegetables and maintaining the vegetable gardens, caring for horses, woodwork, cooking, and egg collection.
  • Granny's Soup

    Granny’s Soup is a social enterprise that brings young and old together by organizing cozy Cooking Days and Soup-at-Home days with the revenue gained from Granny’s Soup products sold at retailers.

    Oma’s Soep is a Dutch-based social enterprise established by Max Kranendijk and Robert Croese in 2017. Oma’s Soup Foundation coordinates weekly free Cozy Cooking Days which enable eager young volunteers to cook soup with the older generation. Using sustainably sourced food, volunteers and the elderly enjoy a delicious soup dinner that serves as a great opportunity to learn from each other. The primary objective of these Cozy Cooking Days is to reduce loneliness within the elderly community. Loneliness amongst the elderly is a prevalent issue and this initiative is our way of trying to make life for the elderly more enjoyable.

    To financially support this initiative, Granny’s Soup B.V. sells soup to catering, hospitals, events, and retail industries. The organization strives to bring together the young and the elderly throughout the community with an additional sustainable goal of reducing food waste, in turn promoting social cohesion

    We are now looking for one or two enthusiastic volunteer founder(s) to eventually help establish a student-led administrative board. This board would eventually be responsible for organizing Cozy Cooking Days in Oxford. We strongly believe it is a valuable opportunity for student volunteers to gain experience in managing a social enterprise.

  • Greenpeace Oxfordshire

    We are passionate about defending the natural world. We take peaceful, creative & inclusive action against corporations or governments on issues such as Deforestation, Oceans, War in Ukraine, Energy..

    Do you feel that our beautiful planet needs protecting? Join us to take action in Oxford!

    There are various levels of comitments in terms of time and type of action, just ask us, or read here :)

    We are independent. We don’t accept any funding from governments, corporations or political parties. That means we are free to confront governments and corporations responsible for the destruction of the natural world and push for real change, as we've done lately with Tesco and Rishi Sunak. 

    We do this by investigating, documenting and exposing the causes of environmental destruction. We work to bring about change by lobbying, consumer pressure and mobilising members of the general public. And we take peaceful direct action to protect our Earth and promote solutions for a green and peaceful future. 

    The Oxfordshire Greenpeace will be meeting on the FIRST Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at the Town Hall, and on Zoom using a hybrid format for those who can't join us in person.

    See some of our victories over the years HERE. You can help in building a greener future, at a time when the planet needs it the most!

    Everyone is welcome ♥


  • Guide Dogs logo

    Guide Dogs

    Guide Dogs is a charity which provide a wide range of services to support blind and partially sighted people.

    Guide Dogs is a charity which provide a wide range of services to support blind and partially sighted people.

    Our ambition is for a future where every person with sight loss has the confidence and support to live their lives to the full and we will not rest until people who are blind and partially sighted can enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

    Every hour, another person in the UK loses their sight, if this was to happen to you, Guide Dogs is there to make sure you receive the help and support you need.

    On a daily basis our work transforms the lives of many people, helping them to lead lives of independence and freedom and we wouldn’t be able to do this without the support and dedication of our incredible volunteers.

  • Homeless Oxfordshire logo

    Homeless Oxfordshire

    Every year, over 550 homeless people turn to us for support. We help homeless people get back on their feet, off the street and back into society. Our door is always open. Homeless people are one of the most marginalised groups in our society, often looked upon as invisibles. We want to change that. We want to end the stigma around homelessness and change attitudes for good. We know that, with the right support, homeless people can go on to live independent and fulfilling lives. For more than 30 years, we have supported homeless people on their journeys out of homelessness.
  • Ikkaido logo


    Ikkaido are an Oxford-based charity providing inclusive and accessible education in the fields of sport, education and wellbeing.

    Ikkaido is a Charity with Special Consultative Status to the United Nations. We are a signature to the Marseilles Declaration and an accredited VET qualification centre. Based in Oxford, Ikkaido works with disadvantaged communities; people who are NEET, and young people with fewer opportunities, especially those with a disability or mental health issues. We help them tackle their issues and motivate them towards taking steps towards better health, recovery and engagement in the community.  We use safe non-contact inclusive and adapted martial arts as "The Way" to engage people with fewer opportunities.

    Ikkaido is a Japanese ideogram meaning “The Way of Inclusion”

    All Ikkaido staff and board of trustees are all disadvantaged people because we understand the issues which people face and are ideally positioned to provide the solutions. The Ikkaido team comprises wheelchair users, persons with visual and hearing impairments, cancer survivors, persons with autism, learning disabilities, victims of domestic violence and violent home invasions.  Gender balance is maintained throughout our organisation.

    The benefits of a diverse recruitment strategy mean that we are able to use systems-thinking to explore innovative solutions for the social inclusion of disabled people, women and girls from backgrounds of trauma, physical and sexual violence, conflict and disaster, and trafficking, minority ethnic groups and refugees. We create this pathway to inclusion through what we call the 6E strategy of Engagement, Empowerment, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship and ultimately Eudaimonia or, human flourishing.


  • Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

    Our Student Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Imran Khan Cancer Appeal at local events, speaking about our work, and the importance of the funds our supporters raise.

    Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA) UK helps run the only leading cancer hospital in Pakistan, which offers free cancer treatment to patients who can’t afford it. Annually, at SKMCH, we are able to provide free cancer treatment to 75% of our patients. Other patients, depending on their financial situation, are offered subsidised treatment. So far, we’ve spent in excess of £307 million on providing free cancer care in Pakistan, it has only been made possible by the generous support from the masses.

    Our Community Ambassadors play a vital role in representing Imran Khan Cancer Appeal at local events, speaking about our work and the importance of the funds our supporters raise.

    What skills do I need?

    •Excellent organisational skills

    •Confident public speaker with excellent communication skills

    •Flexibility to be called upon when needed

    •A personal and friendly manner

    •Reliable and professional demeanor

    •An ability to use your own initiative and to work unsupervised 

    What support will we give you?

    •You will be provided with induction training before you start your volunteering role and relevant training throughout the course of your time with us

    •You will receive support from our Community Fundraising and Volunteer Officer

    •We provide you with insurance cover

    •You will be given any equipment and information necessary to carry out your role

     What will you gain from this opportunity?

     You will gain the satisfaction of knowing that you are making a valuable contribution to the lives of those affected by Cancer. You will be able to utilise your existing skills as well as developing and learning new ones.

  • logo

    KEEN is the UK’s only youth-led movement for the inclusion of disabled people. People are still excluded by society because of their differences which is unacceptable. We exist to try to change that.

  • IntoUniversity Oxford South East

    IntoUniversity provides local learning centres where young people are inspired to achieve. Each local centre supports young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to attain their chosen aspiration.

  • Jacari Oxford logo

    Jacari Oxford

    Jacari is a charity providing free, 1:1 tutoring for disadvantaged migrant, asylum-seeking, and refugee children aged 6-16 who have English as an Additional Language (EAL) and are struggling at school

    Our vision is for a society where young people from all backgrounds have the confidence and language skills to achieve their full potential. We recruit university student volunteers to provide free tutoring for migrant, asylum-seeking, and refugee children who have English as an additional language and are at risk of falling behind in school. Student volunteers are matched individually to a child, and they deliver 1 hour per week of free tuition, either online over zoom or in person in the child's home or school.

  • Just Like Us logo

    Just Like Us

    Just Like Us is the LGBT+ young people's charity, and we work to make life awesome for LGBT+ young people in UK schools. Our network of 200 LGBT+ young adult ambassadors are trained to share their experiences in local schools and colleges, giving hope to LGBT+ kids and inspiring all kids to be LGBT+ allies.
  • KEEN logo


    We exist because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to take part in community-based social and recreational activities

    We exist because we believe that everyone should have an equal opportunity to take part in community-based social and recreational activities, make friends, and be included fully and equally in society. KEEN is about creating, supporting, and promoting fantastic opportunities for everyone, but particularly children and adults with a learning/physical disability, or additional needs.

  • KEEN UK logo


    People are still excluded by society because of their differences. We exist to try and change that. We are the UK’s only youth-led movement for the inclusion of disabled people

    People are still excluded by society because of their differences, which is unacceptable. We exist to try and change that.
    We are the UK’s only youth-led movement for the inclusion of disabled people. We believe that changing young people’s perceptions of disability and inclusion is key to making future generations more inclusive.

    Our vision:
    A world in which disabled people have an equal opportunity to their peers to be meaningfully included in their communities.
    Our mission has three parts:

    1. To create inclusive opportunities
    2. To support other organisations to be more inclusive
    3. To promote inclusion to change perceptions of disability

  • Lauriston Lights logo

    Lauriston Lights

    We facilitate university students running summer camps for bright children from low socio-economic backgrounds. Camp Leaders manage the camps and Mentors lead workshops and support groups of children.

    Lauriston Lights is a charity that brings together university students and bright 11- and 12-year old children from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their full potential both personally and academically. We organise camps in London, Oxford, and Brighton that take place over a two week period in the Summer. The camps are entirely operated by current university undergraduates, on a voluntary basis. The camps involve a range of workshops, which are both academic and creative, as well as sport, philosophy, and debating sessions.

    We have two roles available:

    - Camp Leaders plan and run a camp, playing a pivotal management role. They work alongside the charity co-directors and liaise with the school representatives, the mentors and the children and their families.

    - Mentors inspire, empower and support the young people. They are responsible for a small group of mentees, working in both a group and 1-1 environment. They have the opportunity to design and run their own workshop using their specialist subject knowledge.

    Volunteering in either of these roles will give you the opportunity to work with a fantastic group of young adults to deliver a truly unique programme of fun and varied workshops, make friends for life, have time for socials, and add to your CV!

    To apply for a role with Lauriston Lights this Summer, please email your CV to

  • Leonard Cheshire Disability logo

    Leonard Cheshire Disability

    A national disability charity who provide care for disabled people across the country. We have a home in Banbury with residents aged between 20 - 60. We are looking for volunteer.

  • Limelight Sports Club

    The sports marketing agency that unlocks the power of participation!

    Want to volunteer for the iconic Oxford Half Marathon? Get involved with Limelight Sport and the local host community in Oxford. It takes a village to make our events incredible, and everyone is welcome to join us!

    There are lots of roles available over the event weekend, so there is something to suit everyone. We're hosting a weekend of food, fitness and entertainment so we promise it will be worth your while.

    What do you get in return you might ask? Well, you can claim a free place at the Hackney Half, ASICS London 10k or Oxford Half in the next year, plus some LSC swag and a sense of satisfaction. It's really fun too.

  • MDUK logo


    We are the charity bringing individuals, families and professionals together to fight muscle-wasting conditions.

    Founded in 1959, we have been leading the fight against muscle-wasting conditions since then.

    We bring together more than 60 rare and very rare progressive muscle-weakening and wasting conditions, affecting around 70,000 children and adults in the UK.

    • We support high-quality research to find effective treatments and cures and won’t stop until we have found them for all muscle-wasting conditions
    • We are leading the drive to get faster access to emerging treatment for families in the UK
    • We ensure everyone has the specialist NHS care and support they need – the right help at the right time, wherever they live.
    • We provide a range of services and resources to help people live as independently as possible.
  • Museum of Oxford logo

    Museum of Oxford

    The Museum of Oxford is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people.

    Are you a 'people person'?

    Can you spare 4 hours per month?

    Want to volunteer at the newest Museum in town?


    The Museum of Oxford is the only museum dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people. 

    We want to reintroduce ourselves to the people of Oxford and beyond. We need Welcoming Volunteers to make visitors feel welcome in their new museum.

    We’re looking for people who can:

    • Greet visitors when they arrive in the space 
    • Encourage visitors to donate to the ongoing development of the museum 
    • Answer questions they have to the best of your ability 
    • Support the operational side of the museum: assist visitors who need help, inform the front of house and duty manager if something doesn't seem right, keeping the exhibitions clean, tidy and ready to use, help in the preparation for group visits 
    • Monitor the objects and exhibitions on display 

    We really need volunteers who can volunteer on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. 


    Where is the Museum of Oxford? Located inside the Oxford Town Hall on St Aldates.

    How long are the welcoming shifts? You can choose between two lengths of shift:

    - long shift 3.45 hours with a 15-20 minute break (9.45am-1.30pm/1.30-5.15pm)

    - a short shift (9.45am-12.05pm, 12.05-2.25pm, 2.25-4.45pm). 

    Will you tell me what to do? Yes, we’ll train you in advance and provide you with more information about the collection, exhibitions and how things operate.   

    How often should I expect to volunteer? We need Welcoming volunteers from Monday-Saturday every week. It would be great if you could commit to volunteer at least four hours every month. You decide when you would like to volunteer your time (opt-in rather than opting out), and we completely understand that there are times when you will be able to volunteer more or less of your time. We are happy for you to be a seasonal volunteer if that works best for you e.g. if you are only based in Oxford in term time and move home then you can still become a volunteer.

     Will you pay for my travel expenses? Yes! As long as you are travelling within the ring road, we can pay towards your bus fare.

    Got more questions? Have a read of our Frequently Asked Questions.

    We want to hear from you if you are:

    • Friendly and enthusiastic
    • Willing to learn new skills 
    • Passionate about museums and/or Oxford and/or its people
    • Reliable and honest


    • Learn about the Museum, our collection, and the history of Oxford and its people
    • Gain new skills for your CV
    • Make use of your talents
    • Make friends and meet fascinating people
    • Share your passion and enthusiasm with the public
    • Be part of a friendly team
    • Access exclusive events and training for volunteers
    • Discounts on talks, tours and in the shop


    1. Apply to become a volunteer: 

    2. Our Volunteer and Operations Officer will be in touch with more information about the process 

    About MOX

    Within Oxford's Grade II* listed Town Hall is the new Museum of Oxford, a museum designed with the people of Oxford for the people of Oxford. Co-curated displays, engaging interactives, vibrant designs and accessible spaces focus on the town's history, often overshadowed by that of the university. This project has breathed new life into this historic site.

    The Museum of Oxford is the only Museum dedicated to telling the story of Oxford and its people. This may seem obvious, but in a city so dominated by the narrative of the University of Oxford, to have a space that focuses on the industrial, social, community and civic aspects, does make us unique. Where the new exhibitions talk about the University, it is in relation to its impact on local people – be it trades, conflict, competition, support, discoveries, and balance of power. We are also fun!

    As soon as visitors enter the first gallery space, they see a large, interactive, archaeological dig, with trowels, brushes and small, rubber ‘soil’ granules. We have seen how using it instils a spirit of playfulness in visitors of all ages, right at the point of welcome. The Museum of Oxford is community led - we are not a teaching or academic collection. This means that access is a core principle of our design. On entering the Museum, voice recordings rather than a wall of text welcomes visitors - people from Oxford’s past introduce themselves and share their stories in audio re-enactments. Interpretation text is fairly short with innovative community label holders providing additional information contributed by local people. Our community project displays are at the centre of the new spaces: not adjacent or in another room, but at its core. People from all walks of life have been commenting on how they see themselves represented in the new galleries.

  • My Life My Choice logo

    My Life My Choice

    My Life My Choice is a user-led Oxfordshire based self-advocacy organisation.

    My Life My Choice is a user-led Oxfordshire based self-advocacy organisation. We raise the self-esteem, confidence and quality of life for people with learning disabilities by providing training, employment, volunteering and social opportunities for our members.

  • NSPCC logo


    A fundraising committee for the NSPCC, the UK's foremost child protection charity.

    The NSPCC fundraising committe at Oxford University coordinates fundraising events across the university. These may include anything from smaller events such as bake sales and fun runs to large, coordinated efforts such as black tie galas.  We are always looking for volunteers to get involved in fundraising activities, and take applications for committee positions (including Secretary and Treasurer) at the start of each academic year. Please do get in touch if you'd like to be involved!

  • Otermans Institute logo

    Otermans Institute

    Otermans Institute (OI) provides free professional development and soft skills training support to some of the most disadvantaged students mainly in the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh, and India.

  • Oxfam logo


    Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable.

    Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn't inevitable. In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. 15 more years and we can end it for good. To spread that change and make it last, political solutions are also needed to tackle the root causes of poverty and create societies where empowered individuals can thrive. We will always act, we will speak out, and we won't live with poverty.

  • Oxford and District Mencap

    We organise residential holidays for people with a learning disability. Volunteers become a buddy to one of our guests helping them to engage in the activities. Its about friendship and fun.

  • Oxford Commission

    Join the Oxford Commission, OU’s Public Service Centre, connecting students, faculty, and alumni with service, advocacy, and volunteer opportunities.

  • Oxford Hub logo

    Oxford Hub

    We are a local social action and volunteering charity in Oxford City.

    We are a local social action and volunteering charity in Oxford City. We run a whole range of volunteering projects, social enterprise support, and placements at local charities. Make a difference in Oxford while learning new skills, meeting new people, and becoming a part of the community.

  • Oxford Marrow logo

    Oxford Marrow

    Oxford Marrow is the local branch of Marrow, the student-run branch of Anthony Nolan. Our aim is to recruit for the stem cell register, raise funds and awareness of it, and thus fight blood cancer.

  • Oxford Mutual Aid

    Oxford Mutual Aid formed in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We are a grassroots community support group and action network that is founded on the basis of solidarity not charity.

    Oxford Mutual Aid formed in response to the Covid-19 crisis. We are a grassroots community support group and action network addressing food poverty in Oxford by providing food parcels, nutritious reheatable meals, and signposting.

  • Oxford SU logo

    Oxford SU

    Oxford SU is the official representative body of the Oxford University student body. We offer a wide range of volunteering opportunities from Returing Officer who oversee our elections to Student Trustees who sit on our Trustee Board and look after the whole organisation.

  • Play Action International logo

    Play Action International

    We provide a brighter future for vulnerable and disadvantaged children in refugee settlements and schools across East Africa harnessing the power of the language that children know best - Play

  • Project Access International logo

    Project Access International

    Project Access is a UK startup charity (1190102) fighting for equal access to the world’s best universities. We're a global network of more than 3,500 mentors at top universities in the UK and US.

    Project Access is a student-led, startup charity set up to support bright students from untraditional backgrounds apply to top universities in the UK and US. We help in several ways, and all for free:

    1. Every applicant gets guidance advice from a peer-mentor, as well as resources and webinars to support their application.
    2. Every applicant joins an online community to connect with other mentees who are applying in the same year.
    3. We organise summer bootcamps where applicants come together for workshops and trainings.
    4. Access Academy is our newest initiative that provides prospective applicants with an insider’s perspective on finding the perfect university and subject, on student life, funding etc. and offers them the chance to ask questions in webinars.

    We have campus teams across the UK & US and country teams around the world, with a network of 160+ team members, 2000+ mentors, and we have supported 3400+ aspiring students! On Campus, we host training sessions to help volunteers succeed as mentors, socials and career-oriented events (recent ones include ‘How to get an internship' with panelists from J.P Morgan amongst others). Volunteers will become a part of our amazing PA community, which includes students from over 20 different countries.

  • Raise and Give logo

    Raise and Give

    Raise and Give (RAG) is the home of student fundraising in Oxford.


    RESULTS is a movement of passionate, committed, everyday people Together we use our voices to influence political decisions that will bring an end to poverty.

  • Shared Interest logo

    Shared Interest

    Shared Interest transforms the lives of smallholder farmers and artisans. Based in the UK we aim to alleviate poverty by helping people in remote and disadvantaged communities in developing countries, to trade, and earn a living. We use investment from people living in the UK to provide loans to fair trade businesses worldwide. Last year we lent nearly £70 million to over 200 customers across the world.
  • SolidariTee

    SolidariTee is an international movement of students, and those who support us, fighting for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

    SolidariTee is an international organisation fighting for sustainable change in the refugee “crisis” by providing grants to NGOs who work on legal aid for refugees and asylum seekers. Via our national social media, we also work to dispel harmful misinformation about refugees and the asylum process, and to raise awareness about global refugee issues. But our core work takes place on regional campuses: last year we had SolidariTee regional teams at over 60 universities worldwide. These teams are led by Head Representatives and an executive committee of Events Co-Ordinators and Publicity Officers, as well as a team of regional representatives. The teams work to host awareness- and fundraising events on campus throughout the year, as well as to sell our unique SolidariTees. These t-shirts are a visible show of solidarity: they’re sustainably and ethically produced, and feature artwork by refugees and asylum seekers.


  • St. John Ambulance logo

    St. John Ambulance

    St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity, and we provide first aid training. We then allow people the opportunity to practice the first aid by providing cover at events.

    St John Ambulance is the nation’s leading first aid charity. Every year, more than 400,000 people learn how to save a life through our training programmes, including hundreds of thousands of young people. Our volunteers provide first aid in their communities, keeping people safe at events, and working alongside the NHS in response to 999 calls. We’re also always campaigning to raise awareness of first aid and directly educate the public.

  • Stephen Cox Garden Trust logo

    Stephen Cox Garden Trust

    Reg. charity to advance education in horticulture, conservation. Services incl. young unemployed, young adults with learning difficulties. And unique landscaped garden. Incl remote volunteering

    Charity for the advancement of education in Horticulture and Conservation. This includes:  placements for young adults with learning difficulties; help for the young unemployed; wildlife audits; workshops; community open days; group visitors;  school visits;  visits under residents of nursing homes.
    We also have our own programme of residential placements  (4 to 8 weeks) for students from across the E.U.

    We also sometimes need stewards to assist at our annual private viewing and various open days.

    The garden is a series of "rooms" which includes:
    Herbarium; Vegetables; Orchard; Wetland; Waterfalls; Beach; Pond; Cottage Garden; Exotics; Collections: Dianthus; Fucshias; Acers; Conifers; Exotics; Alpines; specimen trees; meditation areas, Statues; of deities & mythological animals; large wooden arches; pergolas; 23 seating areas; walls and paths.  And emergent woodland area. 

    No previous experience necessary. Liquid refreshments provided. And all tools and gloves etc are provided.
    Your help working with the founder Stephen Cox (and sometimes our E.U. volunteers) will be invaluable to assist us in maintaining the garden, develop new projects and enable it to continue to be available for the benefit of others. 

    There is also a library & study area, fully equipped gym & small pool for use by volunteers.

  • Students4Students logo


    Students4Students aims to reduce educational inequality by offering one-on-one tuition in English and Maths to pupils in local primary schools.

    In light of the disruption to education caused by coronavirus, helping disadvantaged school pupils is more important than ever. At Students4Students we recruit tutors from among Oxford students, provide them with appropriate training and send them into local primary schools to tutor Maths or English to Year 6 pupils who have been selected by their teachers as being most likely to benefit from additional one-on-one help. This role is relatively low-commitment, with volunteers required to tutor for one hour each week.


  • Target Schools logo

    Target Schools

    Target Schools is Oxford SU's access scheme which runs regular shadowing days with undergraduates and sixth form students from schools which don't traditionally send students to Oxford.
  • The Access Project logo

    The Access Project

    Education charity supporting disadvantaged young people 14-18 through an in-school programme of support as well as tuition provided by students and professionals to support their academic studies.

    The Access Project is an education charity supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in London, Birmingham and the Black Country, and the East Midlands. The programme provides in-school support which includes 1 to 1 mentoring, university trips and workshops as well as personalised academic tuition, to help disadvantaged young people gain places at top-third ranked universities.

    At the moment, young people in the UK from disadvantaged backgrounds are six times less likely to progress to a top-third university compared to their peers working at a similar academic level, so The Access Project seeks to change this. We help these young people to see university as something that is “for them”, to support them to make competitive applications and to get the grades they deserve so that they can fulfill their potential.

  • The Gatehouse logo

    The Gatehouse

    The Gatehouse is a drop-in cafe with an open door for anyone who is 25 or over. It is open Monday – Friday 5.00-7.00 pm, Sundays 4.00-6.00pm, at the St Giles Parish Rooms, 10 Woodstock Road, near the centre of Oxford. The Gatehouse could not operate without the generosity of those who support it financially, make food, and work during sessions. Volunteers are highly valued in this organisation, which prides itself in being volunteer-led. We hope you will find that working at the cafe is a privilege and actually good fun.
  • The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker logo

    The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker

    The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT) is a unique tool that tracks policy measures introduced by governments to contain the spread of COVID-19.

    The Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker (OxCGRT)  is a unique tool that tracks measures introduced by governments to contain the spread of COVID-19, providing critical data for both research and policymaking. It collects real-time information from 180+ countries and a number of subnational jurisdictions on 18 indicators (and growing).

    Run by Oxford University’s Blavatnik School of Government, the tracker is powered by a global community of volunteers who share the common purpose of rigorous, objective, accurate data collection to protect public health. We’re seeking volunteers to join this team and contribute at least 5 hours per week for 3 months. No particular expertise is required, but familiarity with public health or policy issues, a range of languages, and attention to detail certainly help. We have regular, optional team meetings to support each other, and keep up to date about how the project is coming along. If you’d like to sign up, please register here.

    To learn more:

  • Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment (TOE) logo

    Trust for Oxfordshire's Environment (TOE)

    We are Oxfordshire's independent environmental funder. We raise funds for immediate and long-term investment in countywide projects that enrich nature and connect people to local green spaces.

    We are an independent environmental funder based in Oxfordshire. We raise funds from a range of sources for immediate and long-term investment in countywide projects that enrich nature by restoring existing and creating new habitats, and connect people to their local green spaces and countryside close to where they live.

  • Tutor The Nation logo

    Tutor The Nation

    Tutor The Nation pair volunteers with disadvantaged state school pupils to provide free, 1:1, subject-specific tutoring


    Tutor The Nation is a charity that makes education fairer, one tutoring session at a time. We pair dedicated volunteers with disadvantaged state school pupils to provide free, online tuition with the aim of helping tutees to develop the skills and confidence they need to achieve their goals. 

  • Universify Education logo

    Universify Education

    Universify is a charity committed to educational equality.

    Universify is a charity committed to educational equality. We inspire Year 10 students from non-selective state schools to strive for, apply to, and be accepted at highly-selective universities. Our intervention starts earlier than most outreach programmes, giving students the time to develop their goals and achieve the required GCSE grades to make a good application to university. Students attend academic sessions, delivered by academics, and undergraduate volunteers provide student welfare support and ongoing coaching throughout the programme.