Black History Month Blog Posts



Black History Month: Not Only October

By Serena Arthur, Deputy Editor of Onyx Magazine, Mansfield College | Thur 25 Oct 2018 

To be really honest I found the question of how I felt about Black History Month and specifically, how I felt about it here in Oxford, quite strange. I think part of why I found it strange was that it wasn’t something that I either expected to be asked or, more importantly, something that I ever considered having to answer. There are some questions, whether you have ever been asked them before or not, that you subconsciously prepare for.



Black History Month: Carving a space at Oxford

By Taiwo Oyebola | Mon 15 Oct 2018 

I've always had a problem with the term ‘Black History Month’ (BHM). It implies that black history can only be celebrated in one month or even only deserves one month. In most schools, BHM is seen as a token gesture, with black history generally focusing on tales of subjugation and oppression - slavery, apartheid, the civil rights movement.  



Black History Month: A Student Perspective

By Ebrubaoghene Abel-Unokan, JCR President, The Queen’s College | Wed 10 Oct 2018 

I didn’t know what to write when I was first asked to address how Black History Month had coloured my time at Oxford. I couldn’t conceive of how the two were related for, as anyone with eyes or access to David Lammy’s Twitter will tell you, Oxford isn’t particularly rich in Black history. More troubling still was the next logical progression of this thought: namely, “does this make me a part of Oxford’s Black history?”