Hello and Happy Hilary

By Katt Walton | Oxford SU VP Women | Mon 14th Jan 2019



Hello all and Happy Hilary, I am looking forward to this term as I have lots of exciting things in the pipeline. Over the course of the next 8 weeks I am looking at ways the SU and our University can better support student sex workers. To do this a survey will be launched within the next week to gauge personal experiences and numbers. I am then planning on taking these findings to relevant committees in the University to make sure staff are aware that we do have student sex workers and they need more support from the University. I will be specifically looking in to the reasons why students are engaging in sex work and whether this is because the University is not providing enough financial support. I am also working with the local council and police on this to make sure sex workers know their rights and feel more confident to report instances of sexual violence from their clients.

The other big thing I am doing this term is planning a huge event to celebrate International Women’s Day. As IWD falls out of term time I am holding an event on the 2nd of March which will be hosting speakers for a panel discussion and a key note presentation. I am also working on a club night for the week prior for women and gender non-conforming folk to enjoy a night celebrating themselves and their gender identity. This is hopefully going to be a highlight of the term so keep your eyes open for more exciting news on it!

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Also elections are this term so get in touch if you want to run for my role and job!!