The Impact of VP Charities & Community

By Rosanna Greenwood | Oxford SU VP C&C | Wed 24th Apr 2019





Which of the following fall under the C&C remit?

General Elections | Housing | Environmental campaigning | University Estates | Cycling


Campaigning groups

University’s food policy

Oxford University Endowment Management Socially Responsible

OUEM Investing Policy

Local City and Council plans




Living Wage

(All of the above!!)


Do not be put off by the diversity of the role.

Although the wide-ranging remit may seem overwhelming, in practice it provides you with an incredible range of opportunity and the ability to focus on what is important to you.


Why did I run?

Coming from an event organising and fundraising background I got involved in the RAG committee in my first year of uni and by my 2nd year was VP Events. I knew about this role because I not only spent a lot of time in the SU building but also worked with Beth (VP’16-17) and Tom (VP’17-18) whose role as VPC&C is to support the committee.


This University is FAR from perfect

If you thought Oxford was all puppies and petals and parties and perfection then let me take a moment to burst your li’l bubble….

  • There is still a shocking lack of student integration within the Oxford as a City,
  • The University, with its £3bn endowment continues to invest in fossil fuels despite student’s explicit dismay and disapproval.
  • Colleges persists in charging students some of the highest rent rates in the country.


However… you can do something about this

Being VPC&C gives you the ability to help move this University in the right direction. As a direct result of listening to the student voice, often through SU campaigns the VPC&C has been able to push for change.


  • The Living Wage were successful in lobbying the central university and over a quarter of the colleges to adopt the Living Wage and are now working on pushing for the adoption of the Oxford Living Wage.
  • OCJC submitted a representation that formed the current SRI policy, including having no direct investments in coal and oil sands
  • The University now have representation within the Oxford Homeless Movement, this is a huge step towards our institution recognising the huge role it has to play in this issue
  • We are currently in the process of removing plastic from the university’s central food contract and encouraging a move towards lower emission food choices


As Vice-President for Charities and Community at Oxford University Student Union, my role is to see how we, as students, can contribute to the local community and live with others in Oxford as good neighbours.


Examples of projects that C&C has completed in the past….


Pledge to Reg 

Whenever there is an election the C&C runs the SU’s keynote election campaign and

Encourages student to exercise their democratic right….In the 2017 General Election C&C got nearly 1000 students to take part in the ‘pledge to reg’ with the winners getting free ice cream!


Veggie Pledge

Veggie Pledge is the campaign run by C&C. An umbrella term that encourages students to be more environmentally and sustainably conscious, For example: meat-eaters pledge to go vegetarian some days a week, vegans can pledge to make their diet more ethical, giving up plastic bags, swapping dairy to plant based milk, joining climate action campaign groups – the list is endless and the impact is huge! In food adaptation alone Over 15,000 animal lives were spared and over 50 tonnes of Co2 saved (equivalent to flying from London to NYC 50 times!)??.    


What Trinity has in stock for me!

  • Springtide! A Community Festival, hosted by the SU taking place in Uni parks, with music, a bar, food and loaaads of entertainment, the day is looking to be a huge success
  • What is Your Blood Type? An event to encourage students to find out what their blood type is and hopefully sign up to donate!
  • The New Environmental Bill: How can we shape it? An panel discussion with OCS and in partnership with the WWF, The Wildlife Trust and NUS.
  • Cycle Awareness Day – in partnership with Erith and the Thames Valley Police we are highlighting the dangers faced by cyclists and how to ride safely, leaning though a virtual reality experience
  • Oxford SU Charity Awards, we have already had over 100 nominations for the first ever Oxford University Charity Awards which will celebrate the incredible fundraising efforts of students at this University!