The On Your Doorstep campaign aims to raise awareness of homelessness in the city of Oxford. We facilitate interaction between various outreach groups and campaign against the criminalisation of rough sleeping and the dehumanisation of rough sleepers.


This term, our campaign has three major areas of focus:


1) Lobbying the Oxford City Council to extend their Severe Weather Emergency Protocol to every night when the temperatures drop below freezing. As it stands, they are only legally obliged to open emergency shelters when sub-zero temperatures persist for three nights running - but we believe they have a moral duty to do more.


2) Repealing the Vagrancy Act of 1824: This piece of legislation is inhumane and outdated, making it an offence to sleep rough on the streets. It has already been repealed in Scotland. The chair of the Windsor and Maidenhead council wanted to use this act to force peaceful rough sleepers out of Windsor town centre. We have launched a petition calling for its repeal, which has already reached 10,000 signatures.


3) Lobbying the university: This campaign group are thinking about the ways in which we can pressure the university to do more to tackle homelessness in Oxford.