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The Oxford Students’ Disability Community is the Oxford University Student Union’s official Disability Campaign.

OSDC aims to:

  1. bring together students with disabilities (or those interested in disability) for social events;
  2. campaign for better understanding and treatment of disability;
  3. help support and advocate for students with disabilities at Oxford and;
  4. run informative talks and events promoting positive awareness about disability.

By ‘students with disabilities’, we mean anyone who identifies as having a disability, whether this is officially recognised or not. This includes physical, sensory, cognitive, mental and developmental disabilities. This also encompasses those with chronic illnesses, mental health issues and specific learning difficulties. You do not have to identify as having a disability to be a member of OSDC. If we’ve missed something out, then we cover that too! We are inclusive of all people.

OSDC is a place for support and everyone will be welcomed. If you are having any difficulties, get in touch – we are a really friendly bunch who have been through our fair share of issues with the Oxford system, so we’ll be able to help point you in the right direction.

Students who identify as disabled or as having a disability of any kind are invited to join our community Facebook group where we advise and support one another and discuss disability-related topics in a welcoming and confidential space. Please note this group is specifically for University of Oxford students only.

The Oxford University Community is diverse and includes an increasing number of people with disabilities who work, study, and live within the University. The mission of Oxford SU’s Oxford Students’ Disability Community is to provide a student-run space for individuals with disabilities and their allies to work towards greater accessibility and access to all aspects of University life. Working alongside University and collegiate partners from the Disability Advisory Service to the local MCRs (Middle Common Rooms) and JCRs (Junior Common Rooms), we aspire to be a hub of grass-roots student activism around cross-disability issues and awareness.

You can get more information about support for Disabled Students here.

Get Involved!

Our goal is to make sure that students with disabilities play a key role in driving disability policy within the University. We need your help! If you are a current University of Oxford Student and are interested in getting involved, attending one of our meetings, or becoming part of our mailing list, please email the Campaign chair at or join our Facebook group.

If you would like to discuss matters with an Advisor at the Student Advice Serviceplease contact them at


This is Epilepsy - Guest Post by Jocasta Hornsey

As part of Disability Awareness Week we are posting guest blogs from OSDC members about their disabilities, today's is by Jocasta Hornsey.
If you would like to submit a contribution, email:

Tue 06 Feb 2018

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