Welcome to The International Students' Campaign.


What does the International Student Campaign do?

Collaborates with cultural and national student societies

Represents the voice of International Students to the University and Oxford SU

Creates a supportive and welcoming space for International Students

Impacts and creates change in the University

Helps International Students navigate Oxford

Works to improve the overall International Student Experience


Sounds great, how do I get involved?

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Meet the Committee


Liu He

Lady Margaret Hall


Anna Kotanska

Jesus College


Andreas Zampouridis

Harris Manchester College


Director of Communications

It will be in your hands to design the face of the Campaign and make sure we present ourselves to the world in the best possible way! This is a very important position, as we need to make sure our fellow international students are aware of us and our goals, and also engage with us. You will handle our social media presence (Facebook, Snapchat, you name it!), so we are looking for someone who enjoys being online and also creative!

Director of Congress

You will organise the first International Student Congress at the university! Oxford has lacked a unified process for the voices of the international students to be heard. So, to address the concerns and needs of the international students, the International Students Campaign would like to bring together the heads of national societies and college international reps for discussion, campaign proposals, and lobbying the university and the government!

Are you a sociable person? Do you like bringing people together? Want to chair discussions and deliberations? Please apply to become the Director of Congress!

Director of Change

Change is what the ISC is about! To introduce changes at university-level on behalf the international students, we need you to lobby people in positions of authority, be it the local government, the national government, or the university administration. One of the main projects this year is the issue of tuition fees. Currently non-EU students pay an astronomical fee to study at Oxford; at the same time, the fee status of EU students post-Brexit remains uncertain. Both demand a clear answer from the university administration. We would like the university fulfill the commitment to welcoming international talents by reducing the fees.

And we need you, to make changes happen, in fact, we need two people for this position as it is the heart and soul of the Campaign. Change can come through organising online campaigns, petitions, protests, forums, or anything creative that you can think of. Director of Change - bring change to Oxford!

Director of Festivals

You will deal with the organisation of a big international event open to everyone - it will be a festive celebration of the diversity and multinationality of Oxford University. International music festival? Open air market with international food? We are open to any suggestions!

Director of Community

As a Director of Community you will work together with the presidents of the national societies at the University to allow the broader international community to explore both the important traditions and peculiarities which make every culture so unique.

Many national societies that are organising events aimed at uniting their current members wish to showcase and promote elements of their one-of-a-kind culture outside of their societies. At the same time, there are many students who wish to explore the cultural diversity that Oxford University has to offer. The International Campaign and the Director of Communication will be here to help enhance regular contact between international and home students.

Visiting Students Representative

This is probably the most dynamic of our positions, as your main focus will be representing visiting students at Oxford and making their experience here a memorable one! Coming to Oxford for a limited amount of time comes with all kinds of challenges, and we want to make sure visiting students feel part of our community and settle in quickly to make the best use of their time with us. Your task will include talking to the College’s Visiting Students reps and hearing from them what issues visiting students face and what can be done on a university level to make their arrival and integration here as seamless as possible.