What clubs and societies are available at Oxford? 

There is an extensive range available so head online. From 3D Printing Society to dance, there’s something for everyone. oxfordsu.org/clubs  


What’s Freshers’ Week like at Oxford? 

Freshers’ week takes place in nought (0th) week (the week before term begins) for undergraduates and includes orientation activities for new students including the annual Freshers’ Fair, registration, tours and social events. Your college will explain these on arrival, and the programme is different for each college. Your college will distribute your Freshers’ Fair wristbands. 

For graduates, your college or department will send you details of activities you are expected to or can attend during your first few weeks, from bops (parties) to briefings. The SU will run events too!? 


I’m worried about the workload… 

The workload varies from course to course; you tutor should lay out what is expected of you at the start of your first term. The workload is intended to be a full-time job for most courses, but it can often look like more and it is important to speak to others on your course, especially those in the years above, as well as tutors to understand better what is realistically expected.  

If you ever have any concerns about work at any point of your degree, get in touch with the SU advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk. There are also a lot of academic and pastoral support networks readily available in your college.  


Will I be able to do paid work alongside my studies? 

This will depend on your course specifically, it is worth getting in touch with your tutor to check. Most undergraduate courses and postgraduate taught courses are intensive full-time courses, and balancing a significant amount of paid work alongside these studies is not recommended. For International Students, it’s important you follow the guidelines your College sets regardless of the work allowances on your Visa. Colleges will have rules around the amount of paid employment you can undertake. For other graduate courses, paid work is more normal and you may be able to work for the University. 


What support is available to me at Oxford?  

Head to our Freshers’ Directory pages to see a list of top support sources available in Oxford. Plus, your college will have provisions, so check out what these are on arrival. If you ever need assistance finding what you are looking for, the Oxford SU Student Advice Service can help: advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk 


Where can I get contraception?  

The C-Card scheme is a scheme that allows to collect free condoms, dental dams and lubricant from participating pharmacies in Oxford (including Boots) and some colleges. Contact your college Welfare Officer or your local sexual health clinic to sign up: sexualhealthoxfordshire.nhs.uk  

The emergency contraceptive pill (the morning after pill) can be used to prevent pregnancy if it is taken within 72 hours of having unprotected sex, and you can access this from your doctor, pharmacy or any of the sexual health clinics on page 35. If you think you may be pregnant, you can contact your doctor, or either of the sexual health clinics on page 35. 


Where can I get an STI test? 

If you’re having sex, it’s worth getting tested regularly to check you haven’t picked up an STI, and to ensure quick and effective treatment if you have. There are two sexual health clinics in Oxford where you can book an appointment easily online. Alternatively, your college nurse or doctor will be able to test and offer advice on STIs.  

If you would like to talk to someone about sex and relationships you can always contact the Oxford SU Student Advice Service advice@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk  

SU TIP: The University’s FAQs service is very thorough: uni-of-oxford.custhelp.com/app/answers/list