Head to the University’s website for steps and information on your visa throughout your studies: 

Remember to make copies of your visa, as you may be required to provide them for accommodation and other purposes. 



Accommodation? Most colleges offer accommodation to their students, so check with your college what they are able to provide. The University also provides some housing for graduate students via its Graduate Accommodation Office: 

There is a large private renting market in Oxford. If you are having issues with your accommodation, contact the Student Advice Service: 


Orientation Programme

International Student Orientation Programme? Sign up here: 

The University hosts sessions throughout the year and early into each term. These offer practical resources but also a great opportunity to meet other students before starting your studies. 


College Doctor

Register with College Doctor? Most colleges will have a doctor who you register with through your college – it’s useful to do so when you start. Your college doctor will have a local surgery, but will also host drop ins to your college in the week.  

If you are on a full-time course that lasts for 6 months or more, or one that is substantially funded by the UK Government, then you’re eligible for the same treatment from the National Health Service (NHS, the UK's public healthcare provision service) as an ordinary UK resident.?Your spouse, civil partner and children will also be covered if they are living permanently with you for the length of your course. 



Bank account? Check out the University’s helpful guide for opening a bank account: Find it by Googling Oxford Uni Bank account  



Need your enrolment certificate? You can print this from your Student Self Service: This confirms your student status and it is worth printing a few copies for everything from tax exemption to opening a bank account. 



Storage? Check out what your college has on offer. Often, there will be priority for international students to have boxes/lockers over holiday periods to store belongings.