Make use of your new (college) parents. Use this time to quiz them on what’s best to bring, the good and bad bits about your college and tell them if you’re particularly worried about anything




Spend time with friends from home. While uni is a great chance to meet different people, there’s nothing quite like the group of mates you suffered through school with




Look at the reading list and any pre-term work you might have been set. Boring as it might seem, it’ll make your life easier in the long run




But also read for pleasure and watch that film you’ve always wanted to see. The break between leaving school and starting uni is one of the longest of your life - take advantage of that free time while you have it




If you can get to Oxford before term starts, make a trip to get sub-fusc (see glossary) and visit the city. It’ll save time during the manic run-up to matriculation, and, let’s be honest, everyone enjoys dressing up in the gown and mortar board for the first time




Fill up on home cooking. As a first-year, you’ll probably eat a lot in Hall at your college, and, while food here is generally pretty good, the novelty of eating beneath oil-paintings and sitting at long tables wears off pretty quickly. Make the best of home-cooked dinners while you still can




Realise that it’s not always going to be easy. There will be times when you’re tired, feel behind with work and aren’t sure what you’re doing – which is totally normal. Nobody comes graduates from Oxford without having struggled at some point, and there’s always support available from friends, college, Oxford SU or the University if you need it




Get excited! You’re about to begin one of the biggest adventures of your life, at one of the best universities in the world. Enjoy it