International Mentoring

This year, the Oxford SU is launching a new mentoring scheme for incoming international freshers. The purpose of the scheme is to help matriculating international students acclimate to life in Oxford and in the UK. As a current international student at Oxford, we would like to inquire if you would be willing to sign-up for this scheme as a potential mentor. Should you decide to participate, you will be paired with an incoming student(s) from your country of origin* and provide them with general advice to help ease their arrival to the UK. You will be given full discretion as to how you want to approach mentoring. It would not entail a massive amount of effort: essentially, you would be expected to answer some questions the fresher might have (over social media or e-mail) and arrange a couple of meet-ups (dinner, coffee, etc.) after the student has arrived in Oxford. If you are interested in registering as a mentor, simply click the link below!

You'll need to login into the website to be able to sign up. 
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VP Graduates 

*Note: If your nationality is different the country you grew up in (e.g. you are a South Korean national, but you spent your whole childhood in Australia and would like to mentor another Australian student), please email