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I am Michael-Akolade (He/Him), a third-year PPE student from the West Midlands. I am a mature student (only by definition!), and enjoy challenging myself despite having both visible and non-visible disabilities. I am a care leaver and a caregiver, and I know how important it is to level the playing field for underrepresented people and groups. I want to ensure that there are not just opportunities but also sufficient support for people from all walks of life to excel.


Why me?


I have the experience

  • Former Member of the West midlands YCA and sat on Scrutiny Committee; holding mayor to account

  • Helped plan the Birmingham commonwealth games as YCA portfolio lead for culture and Major events

  • Former JCR DisRep & Access and Equal Opportunities Officer

  • Member of Class Act and Disability Campaigns 

I have demonstrated commitment to community help?

  • IntoUniveristy Mentor

  • University Royal Naval Cadet

  • Avid Mental Health fundraiser (through photography)

  • Regular engagement with homelessness assisting charities


I am not afraid to speak up when necessary

Spoken and read poems at protests such at RMF and Nationality and Borders Bill demonstration and introduced Ask for Angela at a Union's Bar.



Combat SU Apathy

  • Better communication of SU activities and achievements uni-wide and in

common rooms.

  • Hold SU President to Account - Publicly stream student council + video

updates on achievements

  • Empower Campaigns - working more closely with campaigns chairs to and

lobby for their integration into relevant university governing committees


Holistic Access

  • No Student Left Behind - lobby for a more inclusive hardship fund process that accounts for a student with a complex family or personal finance situation e.g. people who may slip through the cracks/people who may be identified as middle class but don't have a lot of disposable income


  • Improved understanding of neurodiverse needs in college and department.

  • Streamline the bureaucracy and improve support for identified vulnerable communities, e.g. people who are estranged students and care leavers living and housing sourcing funder funding

  • Reform pastoral and mental health support at colleges and DAS to be proactive and fit the need of individuals


Improve the Student experience

  • Accessible Centralised Platform for social and society events

  • Safer Nightlife - create an audit of student nightclubs.


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Michael smiles with nervous confidence wearing a pink beret and multicoloured cultural top.