Candidate for the position of Vice President Access & Academic Affairs

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Jade Calder

Jade Calder for VP Access & Academic Affairs 

(Photo description: a headshot of a young woman with glasses, smiling) 

I'm a third year Historian at Wadham & a first generation, low income Crankstart scholar who benefitted from UNIQ & other outreach schemes and knows the importance of access both to university and during it.  

Fighting for an accessible education for all, regardless of their background, has been my no. 1 passion since I started campaigning as a member of Class Act Campaign in first year. I also have the experience of having represented the academic interests of 100s of students, and appreciate the importance of having a strong student voice at the discussion table. 


  • Co-chair of SU Class Act Campaign  

  • Co-president of Undergraduate Historians Assembly  

  • NUS Delegate  

  • Crankstart Scholars Council member  

  • UNIQ student & ambassador 

Access to Oxford 

  • Graduate access is often given very little attention compared to the undergraduate access, despite the very serious barriers to postgrad courses  

  • Expand the UNIQ+ programme for prospective postgrad students  

  • Expand places on the Crankstart masters scholarship for low income students  

  • Greater promotion of graduate open days / information events  

  • International students have so few funding opportunities that are widely available 

  • Investigate possibilities for lower income international students to receive visa support and scholarships 

  • There are many student-run and independent access schemes, and we should ensure that there are adequate standards and support for these initiatives  

  • The number of applicants to university from care leaver backgrounds is incredibly low  

  • Oxford should lead the way in providing the guidance they need to apply to university with e.g a mentorship scheme  

Access at Oxford 

  • The disparity in financial support across colleges is glaring, but often not obvious to applicants 

  • Explore how more funding opportunities can be centralised  

  • De-stigmatise hardship funds & make the application process at colleges more straightforward  

  • Explore options for an undergraduate 'reading week' in line with other universities during term to help alleviate stress 

  • Lobby the university to break down access statistics to differentiate between grammar and non-grammar state schools in order to highlight the progress which still needs to be made on access  

  • Support the expansion of the Foundation Year programme  

  • Standardise & reform college policies towards suspended students so they can enter college premises to study and socialise  

  • Push back against the marketisation of higher education & foster student-staff solidarity 

Improving Academic Experience 

  • COVID has shown that the university can explore different methods of examination e.g coursework, open book 

  • Push for faculties to consider diversifying assessments through student consultation 

  • Review prelims assessments and how the attainment gap between state and privately educated students can be narrowed in first year 

  • E.g by continuing the support of Opportunity Oxford 

  • Push for remote online library resource access for recent graduates, especially for students on short Masters courses  

  • A meaningful review and consultation on how to diversify and decolonise curricula  

  • Tackle the historic gender attainment gap at FHS