Candidate for the position of Vice President Graduates

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Shreya Dua

(Image description: Shreya smiling in a dark blue and mustard dress with folded umbrellas and a line of trees in a mirror effect on the left side.)

Why me and what have I done?

I am currently a second year MPhil student in Ancient History. In my capacity as the Vice-President (and Acting President for a month) of the Somerville MCR, I have an insight of the aspirations and needs of the students and have negotiated those with the administration of the collage. My research has been on gender and subaltern histories providing me with a sensitive understanding of issues that as an SU Sabbatical Officer I can implement at a policy level. I am extremely passionate about understanding the concerns of my peers and fighting for changes at the SU will be an honour as YOUR VP.


What I plan on doing?

  1. Lobby the University to increase accessibility of resources and welfare for graduate students:
  • Searching for funding avenues for both national and international DPhil students.
  • Campaigning to increase funding for mental health services, organising sexual health camps and consent workshops.
  • Soliciting for better housing and child and family support for mature students.
  • Encouraging an increase in the number of peer supporters.


  1. Modify Academic Representation:
  • Divisional Reps: From Selection to Election
  • Clearly define the roles and responsibilities of the divisional reps.
  • Establish a straight line of communication and a feedback loop between the SU and the divisional reps.
  • Increase networking through meetings as well as social events between the various course reps through the divisional reps.
  • Assist the divisional reps in understanding and then addressing the welfare needs of the students through the four divisions.
  • Lobbying for voting rights of academic reps in Committee Meetings.


  1. Establish better links between MCRs:
  • Make incoming graduates aware of the role that colleges play in their life at Oxford.
  • Organise networking events regularly between MCR Executive Committees.
  • Re-instate the Presidents Committee in person followed by a formal dinner twice each term rotating between colleges.
  • Connect the MCR Presidents and the Proctors both formally and informally.
  • Hold social events of all graduate students and separate ones for those with families to facilitate their introduction.
  • Ensure effective working of systems within colleges that are already in place collage advisors.


  1. Provide undergraduates an insight into graduate life and the admission process.


  1. MCE and Hardship Fund:
  • Lobby to make the procedure of receiving an MCE more transparent.
  • Spread awareness regarding the hardship fund and support its continuation beyond this year.


  1. Work in conjunction with V.P Liberation and Equality for the betterment of the LGBTQ+ community:
  • Help all the LGBTQ+ reps of the MCRs to come together and organise.
  • Lobby all colleges to create gender expression funds and gender neutral washrooms.
  • Solicit all collages to hoist the Pride and Pride + flag in the months of February (LGBTQ+ History Month) and June (Pride Month).