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Ellie Greaves

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Ellie Greaves  

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Hi! I’m Ellie (she/her), a finalist historian at Oriel who loves rowing, musical theatre, and all things women (and men, I’m bi!)! During my time at Oxford, I have battled severe mental health difficulties, suspending and repeating my second year before taking up the mantel of Women’s Officer in my JCR. I wanted to take up that role to empower myself after facing a difficult time and empower other women around me in the process. I have organised a successful women’s dinner, with powerful speeches by inspiring women from across the university. I have had tough conversations with senior members of the college about abortion rights, period poverty and the inequalities still felt by women at Oxford. I am currently in negotiations to provide Oriel’s students with free menstrual products. I was also women's vice-captain of OCBC, where I introduced a number of women to rowing and helped foster a real sense of community and teamwork. I am aware that my experience does not account for everyone I would represent as VP Women, but I care a lot, and am wanting to work in a very intersectional way that makes efforts to improve the experience of women as a whole here. I believe I am the best person to hold the position of VP Women for the upcoming year. I am passionate about providing a safe space for women in Oxford, whilst also continuing the work to make all of Oxford a safe space. 

*Trigger warning – Please be advised my final section relates to sexual violence 


  • Continue the work of Kemi in promoting STI testing clinics  

  • Facilitate open talks and workshops about body image and eating disorders 

  • Collate resources from past women/gender reps of their achievements within their colleges ie. Free menstrual products, gender-neutral toilets, use of pronouns by tutors 


  • Work with other sabbatical officers to make the SU as intersectional and inclusive as possible 

  • Liaise with sports clubs about their efforts to be more inclusive to trans and non-binary students 

  • Create a template code of conduct to be made available to all clubs, teams, and societies across Oxford  

  • Organise a march in Oxford, with Oxford Brookes SU, for International Women’s Day 

Sexual Violence  

  • Encourage a combination of the in-person consent workshop and the Consent Matters online course 

  • Reform and Expand the Safe Lodge Policy  

  • Work with ‘It Happens Here’ and promote them in any and all efforts, especially the continuance of a sexual violence survivor peer support network into next year 

  • Ensure that the SU’s stance in opposing increased physical searches at clubs is made clear, as well as the reasons behind it 

  • Make contact with Oxford nightclubs and bars about preventative measures and training for spiking incidents 

  • Work with those clubs to organise a ticketed night once a term designed for women and non-binary persons only to come and feel safe