Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Alexander Nowak


ALEXANDER NOWAK, NUS Delegate Candidate

MSc, Major Programme Management, SBS/SEH

Every department. Every college. Every age, gender, religion, nationality,… across every demographic variable imaginable, everyone deserves full and fair representation.        

Full stop.
With an open mind, heart, and door policy, I vow to deliver an experienced, empathic, equitable, and educated work ethic to empower each & every student at Oxford.
With a passion for student advocacy and rights, particularly with a keen insight into the challenges of graduate students in 2022, I will work with and across silos to promote inclusivity and representation of everyone.

Full start.


Embody your values

Students must be heard: I vow to push for initiatives that:

  • Increase student say and influence on education policy to…
  • … improve accessibility for under-funded, differently-abled, and insufficiently represented students so…
  • ... the mental health and support systems, access to information, and transparency of processes are put at the forefront of policy initiatives to…
  • … ensure the protection of students’ rights, ultimately enhancing your student experience

Education, wellbeing, and communities: let’s bring our Student Union’s manifesto to life.


Unmatched experience

Full- and part-time studies, research and practical, abroad and locally, self-financed and funded… I’ve lived all versions of student life.

  • International student with 2 BAs (Poli Sci and Psych), MBA, now MSc
  • 6 years of Program Management and Advising in Higher Ed
  • Student Union VP Academic Affairs, Treasurer, Class Rep, dozens of university committees


Nuanced leadership

Sometimes we need to shout, sometimes we need to whisper… having negotiated with C-suite executives and worked with top-level senior admin in academia, using the right approach to navigate administrative mazes is key to getting what you deserve.

Whatever it takes to enhance the student experience, including your post-degree lives, let’s do it together.

That is my priority and promise.

Your Priorities? Only one. Speak up. Be heard. Vote. Just Vote… but maybe vote for me? ;)

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