Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Ciaron Tobin


ID: Ciaron Tobin, in front of an autumn tree, looking at the camera smiling whilst wearing a blue shirt 



Students have been taken for granted during Covid. Let’s make a Post-Covid world fair and compassionate to all Students 


Vote on Oxford SU from 7th-10th February 



  • Hi I’m Ciaron Tobin (He/Him), a 1st year History Student at Magdalen College 

  • First in my Family to go to university, comprehensive state school, and free-school meals background 

  • FB: Ciaron Tobin, 

  • Email: Ciaron.Tobin@magd.ox.ac.uk 


  • CLASS Act Representative-  

  • Prior experience of the SU and what more needs to be done to communicate the value of its work- Physical presence across colleges 

  • Was the Student President of a body of 1800+ sixth formers: 

  •  Organised social events, coordinating meetings, ensuring all are heard and listened to student wishes 

  • Focused on the mental health crisis 

  • Made sure the Executive was from diverse backgrounds 

  • I’m an outreach ambassador for my College and the University- Social Mobility is key, I know due to personal experience 

  • Social Secretary of the Oxford University Labour Club 

  • JCR Secretary 

  • Keen Gaelic Footballer and John Lennon impersonator 



  1. Transparency 

  • Barely anyone outside the hyper politically active knows the inside outs of the NUS- This is unacceptable and needs to be completely revitalized. Focusing on day-day relevant issues and improving the physical presence of the NUS will be in every decision I take in this role 

  1. Poverty and Social Mobility 

  • As someone from a FSM and working-class background I completely  back the NUS’ Commissions recommendations in 2019. Especially on increasing student maintenance support . As such would advocate further action this conference season, in line with the wishes of Oxford Students. In short Fair Rent 

  • Cultural support at universities is key to ensuring all are felt welcome at university, alongside economic support 

  1. Sexual Assault prevention 

  • Totally rampant in university life. Immediate implementation of training for all staff and students.  

  • Ban Student-Staff relationships 

  • An Anonymous and fully investigated reporting system 

  1. Support for International Students 

  • I know importance as my Irish family who come to UK universities lack the necessary economic, and social stability that is necessary to flourish 

  • Support NUS motions that offer clarity and systems of information's on bursary’s, grants and networks for International and year abroad students 

  1. Support Marginalised communities 

  • Including Working Class, Women, POC, LGBTQ+ and Trans communities. Along with the intersectionality of these communities 

  • Transgender- Access to financial and welfare support, especially beyond just merely binders 

  • Include more non-British sources of academia and Curricula. From Irish Hibernian poetry, to Chinese and Japanese primary sources of History and perspectives