Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Sarah Akintunde

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Hi, I'm Sarah, a law student at Magdalen college. I have extensive experience in representing students and believe I can bring a diverse perspective of Oxford to the National Union of Students. 



Past Experience 

Voted BAME x LGBTQ+ representative in the Student Union 

-Attended several Representative Committees and Student Council Meetings at the Student Union 

-Chosen to attend the NUS Liberation Conference 2021 on behalf of marginalized students; experienced with NUS conferences 

Voted Magdalen Racial and Ethnic Minorities Officer 

- Co-delivered race workshop to c.100 freshers  

-Organizing social events for RAEM students 

-Sitting on Equalities Committee 



  • Increase transparency around Oxford's NUS affiliation by publicly announcing votes made and ideas supported. 

  • Support movements that target sexual assault and harassment - it is vital to create a healthy, safe environment for all students .I want to look into having more encouraging and less traumatic processes for reporting incidents.  

  • Promote awareness about unique identities and cultures of students of colour and support diverse and decolonized curricula. Currently most racial and ethnic minorities are grouped under the single label 'Black' in the NUS, with other backgrounds disregarded, but they are not a monolith.  

  • Uphold access initiatives for students across the country, pushing universities to do more on inclusivity. It is important not just to get under-represented students through the door but also support them during their time at university.