Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Mundher Ba-Shammakh

Increase National Student Organisation


Capitalise on the increasing awareness of how students are being ignored on a national level, to increase cooperation among different universities’ unions in order to negotiate as a collective block


Cut The Rent


To use the lobbying powers of the NUS in order to slice rents for students across all of Oxford and the nation. I will also lobby to empower students on a national level to have the freedom to escape contracts for properties they cannot or do not feel comfortable utilising.


Proven Experience


Having worked internships with the Oxford Community Fund and the Merseyside Domestic Violence Service on key local issues I’ve proven my ability to contribute time and effort to matters of greater social importance


Fight for Social Mobility


With university being the key driver in social mobility we must use the power of the NUS to promote stronger outreach to forgotten working class communities. I, coming from a working class area and background, will be their advocate.