Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Serene Singh

SERENE SINGH DPhil criminology, she/her


Founder: Oxford Bhangra Society, Rhodes Interfaith Alliance 

Best-selling book author- The Queen Machine, 

20-21 Nat. All-American Miss 

Certified public speaking teacher, coached 3500+ disadvantaged students 

VP Graduates of Oxford Sikh Society, 

Rep. for Oxford Law Society

Rhodes Scholar, 

International Student Postgraduate student at Oxford, 

Blavatnik School of Gov. MPP Alumnus 

Elected to Oxford Union’s Standing Committee 

Christ Church MCR Officer

Founder of 4 nonprofits including Victoria Secret Award-Winning nonprofit The Serenity Project to give self-esteem tools to women survivors worldwide


Image Description: Serene Singh smiles with a University of Oxford blue hoodie 


Some Goals

Democratic Education: Postgraduate Engagement with the SU and with policies affecting graduate and undergraduate students alike, conducting student-driven research to tangibly improve BME Attainment Gap Proactive Solidarity: Strengthening support for International students means engaging and responding to global issues; developing policy surrounding adequate PGWV (work permits), refugee and relief advocacy Representation: Historically, NUS has meant voting for motions with little to no relevance for actual students. Student-centered policies are the only reason us NUS delegates are needed! I will only vote on motions affecting students and propose motions to better serve students.

serene.singh@chch.ox.ac.uk || serenesingh.com