Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

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Serene Singh


SERENE SINGH DPhil criminology, she/her


As a postgraduate student at Oxford, building and sustaining community is the most important trait for a student leader to have to be able to ensure for others. From founding cultural societies like the Oxford Bhangra Society, serving the Graduate Student population through the Oxford Sikh Society, to championing causes and events centered around representation and diversity on Oxford Union’s Standing Committee, I am deeply committed to rebuilding what is most important to students here at Oxford: feeling at home.


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Some Goals

As the Founder of the Victoria Secret Award-Winning nonprofit The Serenity Project to give self-esteem tools to women survivors worldwide, a published best-selling author, and a certified public speaking teacher, I am confident my many experiences working LGBTQIA+ communities, ethnic, racial, as well as religious groups, students from varying socioeconomic backgrounds, and other communities I pledge to continue to learn how to best serve -- will help me lead SU forward. I commit to working with students directly and will continuously reevaluate our priorities based on the changing needs of students, to use money in student-centered ways and to have oversight on it (including through marketing the work of SU in tangible ways), and to work towards better use of the SU’s charitable status among Oxford students, societies, and at-large demographics.

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