Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

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Uri Sharell

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Uri Sharell, 3rd year physicist at Wadham. He/Him.


What is Trusteeship?

The Trustee Board oversees the activities of Oxford SU and is responsible for the strategic success, financial sustainability, and legal compliance of Oxford SU as a charitable organisation.


What I want to do

  • Improve institutional memory. Change at this university takes time, which is why a strong institutional memory is crucial. I will work to make sure that Oxford SU operates as efficiently as possible and is in the position to implement long-term change.
  • Create straightforward documents, videos, and infographics explaining how the Oxford SU and its representative structures work to make Oxford SU more accessible to everyone.
  • Improving ties to the local city and county council to ensure the best representation possible in matters of student interests like bike lanes, bus passes, and safety (e.g. street lighting).
  • Bring JCRs and MCRs closer to Oxford SU by organising drop-in-sessions and maintaining simple and active channels of communication.
  • Words must lead to action. I will seek to institute and oversee regular policy reviews to monitor passed motions in Student Council and hold Oxford SU accountable to its members.

My experience


Previous roles

  • Wadham SU Vice-President.
  • Wadham SU Academic & Careers Officer.
  • Student council delegate for Wadham.
  • Physics Joint Consultative Committee year representative.
  • Elected board member and Press officer of the Munich student union representing over 60k secondary school students in the city council and its committees.

Past achievements*

  • Proposing a motion at Student Council to tackle institutional antisemitism at Oxford.
  • Opening unreserved Wadham Governing Body meetings to any student observers and revising the College’s disciplinary code.
  • Creating a centralised policy book and yearly policy reviews at Wadham SU, improving its institutional memory and accountability.
  • Improving access to lecture recordings for Physics students.
  • Presenting a petition to the Bavarian Parliament which led to the adoption of a new law (Art. 62(5), S.5, BayEUG) that gives student representatives rights to request written justifications for rejected proposals, as well as the right to extensive information about their school’s activities and governance.

*Like most things, several of these were a team effort which has helped me develop skills and appreciation for the importance of working with others towards common goals.


Don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/uri.sharell) or by email at uri.sharell@wadham.ox.ac.uk !