Candidate for the position of President

Anisha Faruk


for She/Her President


Your SU

I believe in the potential of the SU to better the lives of Oxford students. Fundamentally,

that is what a student union should do – work for the interests of its students. We’ll represent students to the university and work to connect Common Rooms and student societies. Above all, I want students to know that the SU will advocate on their behalf.



• Leadership – I have taken on leadership positions during my time at Oxford, making executive decisions and developing negotiating skills which will be vital when dealing with the University:

• Labour Club Co-Chair:

• Organised events including speakers, debates, socials, and campaigning for the largest university Labour Club in the UK

• Door knocking, which allowed me to understand local concerns and helped me to bridge the town and gown divide

• Lobbied council candidates to change their position on homelessness and support the expansion of the Severe Weather Emergency Protocol (SWEP). This experience

with grassroots activism equips me to support the work of the SU campaigns.

• Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford Student:

• Recruited and led an editorial team of over 60 people

• Taught me about what’s in the interest of the student community


Knowledge of the SU

• I’m standing because I believe my experiences have armed me with the knowledge of the SU that’s required to successfully undertake this role:

• Chair of Student Council:

• Chaired the democratic representative channel for the student body and learned how the council functions

• Sat on Steering Committee which ensured motions to council were legal and consistent with the SU’s charitable aims

• Scrutiny Committee:

• Conducted termly interviews during the year long position with each individual Sabbatical Officer

• Wrote reports on progress the Sabbatical Officers made that term to ensure that they were managing their responsibilities well and fulfilling their mandates

• Helped me to understand what policies are feasible for a Sabbatical Officer to work on


Active member of the community

I’ve enthusiastically thrown myself into student life and the local community, getting involved in a number of student societies:

• Oxford Forum Women’s Officer - I organised panels and promoted

• Trustee Board Member of ‘Teach A Child – Africa’:

• Main role as board member is to ensure what the charity does is legal and consistent with our charitable aims. Sabbatical Officers all sit on the Trustee Board of the SU

• Standing Committee of the Oxford Union – Spoke at the “No Confidence in Her Majesty’s Government” Debate where I criticised the harmful policies of the Government, and pushed for the implementation of “Get Involved in the Oxford Union” workshops


My priorities


• Lobby the University to establish a Reading Week

• Push for the implementation of the “Free Our Wednesdays” policy to improve student work-life balance

• Lobby for diversification of assessment

• Collaborate with student societies to support their access schemes

Mental Health

• Support the Mind Your Head Campaign, to help combat stigma around mental illness

• Lobby Colleges to implement Welfare, Race, and LGBTQ+ Awareness Training for staff to improve understanding of mental illness and combat microaggressions

• Create an Inter-College Welfare Fund so colleges pool resources to help poorer colleges improve welfare facilities

• Introduce a Welfare Norrington Table

Engaging with students

• Lobby the Proctors to make it easier for student societies to affiliate with the University

• Make room bookings easier

• Establish an informal termly event where heads of student societies can meet, exchange ideas and discuss what their society has been doing

• Work with PresComm to utilise it as a lobbying body and maintain it as a safe space

for Presidents to discuss the issues they most care about




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