Candidate for the position of Vice President Access & Academic Affairs

Ray Williams


for He/Him


VP Access & Academic Affairs

Since arriving in Oxford, a Moritz-Heyman Scholar and perhaps an unlikely admission, I have tried to seize the opportunities Oxford has given me to make a difference. I was Labour Club Co-Chair during the 2018 City Council elections when we spoke truth to power, refusing to campaign for candidates unless they supported SWEP expansion. I was also BME Rep and Secretary of the inaugural Class Act Committee. My ambition is to broaden access, close attainment gaps and improve the academic experience for all of us.


Ours is a unique academic community which thrives when we help each other learn and achieve. That’s why I’ve thrown myself into college/faculty life, working as a Wadham interview helper and Open Day tour guide, as well as Secretary of the Human Sciences Society. I’ve also held various journalistic roles, serving on the Cherwell and OxStu editorial teams, as well as being Editor-in-Chief of OxSci for the term before its rebrand. These roles allowed me to meet and learn from students of all backgrounds. Whatever our differences, we don’t sit back when faced with injustice, we step up.


So I took on Oxford’s most infamous establishment as a reformist member of Standing Committee, and later as Chief of Staff, at the other Union. I have plenty of experience with stubborn institutions. I want to be a similarly radical SU Vice-President, taking a no-nonsense approach to the institutional barriers to progress that my predecessors have faced.


Fighting for You

1. Participate in the national conversation on the marketisation of education and higher education policy in general, representing the common-sense views of Oxford students at all


2. Lobby for the introduction of a Reading Week, reviving a crucial policy that has been kicked into the long-grass.

3. Lobby the university to implement the “Free Our Wednesdays” policy to improve student work-life balance and increase participation in creative and sporting endeavours.

4. Work directly with PresComm to universalise academic rights and review the physical accessibility of college facilities

5. Fight for compassionate, universal policies for suspended students, maximising their ability to access university facilities.

6. Advocate for students by making sure that departments and tutors stick to reasonable workload guidelines.

7. Champion an Access Vision that’s representative of student’s views as expressed in the Access Consultation 2018.

8. Start a ‘Know Your Rights’ campaign in time for the next Freshers’ Fair, equipping students with the knowledge to stand up to their colleges and tutors.

9. Conduct a review of the training tutors receive for conducting interviews in order to identify ways to eliminate bias in the admissions process.


Bringing People Together

1. Host an Access Conference bringing together Access Officers from every JCR and MCR pushing for the most effective college programs to be implemented across the entire university.

2. Collaborate with student societies like PakSoc and ACS, helping them to grow their access schemes.

3. Host access-themed ‘Sofa Sessions’ with notable speakers and academics.

4. Expand the UNIQ programme to include currently excluded subjects like Japanese Studies.

5. Promote the Student Council as the SU’s ultimate decision making body, encouraging students from all parts of Oxford to take an active role in policy formulation.


Real Action on Attainment Gaps

1. My primary focus if elected will be on using innovative solutions to crack down on attainments gaps whilst implementing a broad range of access programs to enrich

our student community and to make Oxford a better servant to society.

2. I’ll fight for real action on Attainment Gaps via Inclusive Teaching:

Arguing for diversification of assessment across departments.

Fighting for lecture capture technology to be adopted in all subjects.

Promoting modernising curriculum reform.




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