Candidate for the position of Vice President Graduates

Neil Misra


for He/Him

VP Graduates and



I would like to channel my two years of experience as an international, postgraduate, and BME student at Oxford in improving student life. My extensive work on previous MCR and society executive committees have thoroughly prepared me to tackle the various challenges associated with the role. As Oriel MCR Graduate International Officer, I provided welfare support to international students adjusting to life in the UK and helped recent arrivals cope with culture shock and homesickness. As Events Secretary of the Oxford India Society, I organized lectures, academic panels, bops, formals, and various other culturally-oriented social events. Lastly, as Director of Communications of Oxford International Relations Society, I marketed and promoted society events to over 11,000 of our followers. Before studying at Oxford, I also used to work at the US House of Representatives, where I provided 

recommendations on key policy matters and directly dealt with constituent concerns. I hope to create a more inclusive, results-oriented SU that tackles the main issues impacting our graduate and international student community.



1. Use vacant rooms in larger colleges to house the many postgraduate students without affordable college accommodation.

Implement a centralized, streamlined system for securing vacant rooms on the SU website. This system would be advertised to all postgraduate students, and would be made available year-round.


Funding and Fees

1. Expand the Reach Scholarship scheme to include postgrads, so that more refugees and financially disadvantaged students can come study for postgraduate degrees at Oxford.

2. Expand the “application fee waiver” program to include financially disadvantaged students from all countries. Currently the scheme only applies to a select few.

3. Push for the establishment of a common, university-

wide fund to help pay for conference travel grants. In this way, one’s access to travel grants would be less constrained by their choice of college.

4. Lobby the university to reduce its exploitative international student fees.



1. Ensure that every international student has guaranteed access to free storage space over the vac.

2. Implement flexible move-in and move-out dates for international students flying in from abroad.

3. Collaborate with the various international student societies in Oxford to host SU-sponsored socials and cultural events.


BME Discrimination

1. Address the issue of discrimination and harassment by college porter staff

Multiple news articles, Oxfesses, and student complaints can attest to the pervasiveness of this issue. College administrations have tended to prevaricate when confronted with complaints of racial profiling; it’s time for OUSU to take more decisive action.

2. Push for mandatory “racial sensitivity training” requirement for porter staff at every single college. Such training would hopefully serve to reduce the number of racial profiling incidents.



1. Increase financial support for postgraduate care leavers. Currently, such financial support is mainly focused on undergraduate care leavers

2. Enhance support for estranged postgraduate

Students. Existing support networks appear to exclusively favor undergraduates to the detriment of postgraduates who are also in need of assistance.

3. Create an international student peer mentorship program


Address issues of anxiety arising from culture shock and homesickness. Make the process of integrating to life in the UK smoother for new international students.




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