Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

Alexander Kumar


He/Him for

Student Trustee


The role of student trustee is an important one which guides the direction of the SU. I believe that I have the experience necessary to serve as a valuable trustee member. I was chair of the homelessness campaign On Your Doorstep, and in this capacity did a lot of work with the City Council, the University management, and in trying to get a bill through Parliament. I’ve also become familiar with the way the University and the Student Union work – and the ways in which they don’t work – in my roles as Returning Officer of the SU, being on the SU steering committee, and being on the University Rules Committee. If elected, I will work to make sure the SU as an organisation is able to deliver what the sabbatical officers are elected to deliver, and what Student Council resolves to do, and work in general as a student voice.


The Impact Oxford Trustees promise to:

1. Ensure Access, Mental Health and Student Engagement remain at the top of the agenda

2. Campaign for more Student Trustees on the Board

3. Look at expanding income streams for the SU

4. Scrutinise appointments of External Trustees and push for greater diversity of trustees

5. Better integrate common rooms and campaigns so both can be knowledgable, effective

campaigning bodies

6. Build a better relationship with Student Council by providing more regular and comprehensive reports to Council

7. Continue building on the four year strategy and direction of the SU

8. Push to ensure the SU encourage students to get involved in volunteering in the local community

9. Increase Student representation at all levels

10. Publicise the annual SU impact reports so that students know what their SU is doing for them




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