Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

Matthew Judson

Matthew Judson: Independent for Student Trustee

Governance isn’t sexy, but it matters. Our SU is at its best when it’s efficient, accountable and transparent, including at board level. I want our SU to be the best it can be, and that’s why I’m running to be one of your student trustees.

I’m independent. I’m not part of a slate because I think it’s vital that the board provides impartial oversight. The only interests I’ll represent will be yours.

I’m experienced. I know our SU: I’ve been on Student Council for a year. I know the role: I already sit on a charity board. And, as chair of my JCR’s constitutional review, I know what I’m doing on the key task of reviewing governance structures.

I’m committed. Making a difference is exciting when you see the results in front of you. It’s harder when it’s all meetings and reports. But I know from experience that it’s just as important, so you can be sure that I’ll always take my responsibility to you seriously.

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