Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

Arya Tandon


He/Him for

NUS Delegate


In trying to make a positive impact, I’ve been involved in various SU campaigns and societies across the university. As Co-Chair Elect of the Labour Club, I’ve been planning our activities for the summer term, focusing on events promoting liberation groups such as ethnic minorities, LGBT+ and women in politics panels.

First getting involved in the Club as BAME+ Officer and being Events Officer for CRAE (the SU’s Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality), I’ve always been passionate about making sure our political organisations and communities are truly diverse in representing students of all backgrounds. As Publicity Officer of Target Schools and Student Ambassador for access at my college, I’ve worked on reaching out to those beyond the Oxford bubble, trying to make Oxford a more accessible place.

Ultimately, I believe in fighting to make sure our organisations are representative of the diversity of our student body, and hope to bring this fight to the NUS.


The Impact Oxford NUS Delegates will:

1. Not align with any national NUS factions

2. Reject any kind of prejudice, anti-semitic or otherwise

3. Fight for minorities and liberation groups

4. Advocate/support measures on student mental health

5. Support for suspended students

6. Stand against the marketisation of higher education

7. Stand in solidarity with striking lecturers

8. Condemn the cutting of the trans officer without consultation of LGBT+ campaign

9. Promote a sustainable NUS

10. Speak Truth to Power - scrutiny of the executive

11. Be responsible in representing the students of Oxford.

12. Actively engage in the debate, will not be sitting out of the campaign

13. Live-tweet the NUS conference and all votes we make

14. Support a National Education Service




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