Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

Olivia Railton


She/Her for

NUS Delegate

I’m a 2nd year Law student at Wadham and I’m passionate about education and protecting the environment. I sit on the Oxford Climate Justice Society’s committee, assisting with event organisation and campaigning, and volunteer at an East Oxford primary school, helping to teach young children that have English as a second language and children with learning difficulties reading strategies.

The NUS needs positive voices. I fought to try and change the toxic culture of the other Union and make it more wholesome. And challenging it was a big project. I’m not afraid of big projects. As the Wadham’s elected Freshers’ President I organised the college’s freshers’ week and was the main point of contact for people’s concerns (welfare and otherwise) during the week. I’m also not afraid to argue my case. I was Equity Officer at the Oxford IV, one of the largest debating tournaments in the world, and convened the largest ever Oxford Wom*n’s Open debating tournament. If I can handle that, I can handle Conference.


The Impact Oxford NUS Delegates will:

1. Not align with any national NUS factions

2. Reject any kind of prejudice, anti-semitic or otherwise

3. Fight for minorities and liberation groups

4. Advocate/support measures on student mental health

5. Support for suspended students

6. Stand against the marketisation of higher education

7. Stand in solidarity with striking lecturers

8. Condemn the cutting of the trans officer without consultation of LGBT+ campaign

9. Promote a sustainable NUS

10. Speak Truth to Power - scrutiny of the executive

11. Be responsible in representing the students of Oxford.

12. Actively engage in the debate, will not be sitting out of the campaign

13. Live-tweet the NUS conference and all votes we make

14. Support a National Education Service




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