Candidate for the position of Vice President Graduates

Lauren Bolz

Hi! I'm Lauren, an international graduate student studying higher education, and I plan to make graduate, international, and non-traditional students' voices heard. By focusing on improving our support systems and drawing conversations back to what we value, I hope to build a more inclusive and supportive graduate, international, and university community.

Support for Graduate Students

1. Broaden the information available to prospective students about colleges and their graduate communities.

2. Lobby for colleges to guarantee affordable, equitable housing for all graduate freshers.

3. Work with MCRs to create more university-wide graduate events, particularly between terms.

Support for Non-Traditional Students

4. Improve funding and childcare options for parents and carers.

5. Better advertise the services currently available to part-time students, mature students, student parents and student carers.

6. Push for these support services to be made more accessible to students.

Support for International Students

7. Ensure that international students have access to free storage space between terms.

8. Facilitate more international student events, especially those that welcome Recognised Students.

9. Improve Academic English support opportunities for international students.

Student Welfare

10. Push for greater representation of graduate, international, and non-traditional students in university decisions, such as those regarding curriculum and assessment design, funding, and university expansion.

11. Work with MCRs to spur more conversations about mental health and loneliness among students.

12. Encourage graduate students to participate in more student clubs and societies by piloting a Graduate Activities Fair.

Fees & Funding

13. Make financially disadvantaged students from all countries eligible for the application fee waiver scheme.

14. Streamline the funding decision timeline for graduate courses.

15. Push for full transparency in scholarship/funding opportunities within departments and colleges.