Candidate for the position of Vice President Welfare & Equal Opportunities

Amelia Holt

Amelia Holt 


VP Welfare & Equal Opportunities 


St John's College Women's Welfare Officer, St John's College Disabilities Rep, Student Ambassador for Access and Outreach, St John's College Women's Festival Operations Assistant

I'm Amelia, a Theology and Religion undergraduate at St John's College and I'm running to represent you as VP Welfare and Equal Opportunities!

Every policy here has been written with the goal of improving student mental health. Improving mental health and well-being should not be one policy - it should underpin everything we do. 

A vote for me is a vote for improving welfare for all and ensuring that everyone, irrespective of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, religious belief or disability, has an equal opportunity to thrive at Oxford, not just survive. 

Accessible Sexual Health Services 

I will aim to reintroduce sexual health screening clinics to the Oxford SU and other city centre locations to increase the accessibility of sexual health services to students, particularly those with mobility issues who may find travelling outside of the city centre for testing difficult.

Focus on Harm Reduction

I will investigate the possibility of making drug testing kits available for students to test their own substances, should they wish to, following the example of the Universities of Manchester and Nottingham. I will promote existing university services available to those who may be struggling with substance abuse issues, as this is often a taboo subject that is not discussed openly.

Graduate Welfare and Social Inclusion 

I will work with the VP for Graduates to work on graduate focused welfare events and initiatives, such as making support available outside of term time and encouraging faculties to take a more active role in promoting the welfare of their students, particularly graduates who may not feel as affiliated to their college as undergraduates. I will encourage JCR reps from larger colleges to reach out to smaller, nearby colleges and PPHs to extend invitations for events such as BAME, LGBTQ+ and Class Socials, to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to socialise within their community.

Calling Oxford Home 

I will put in place more events during the vacations for those who call Oxford home all year round, not just during term time. I will work with colleges to ensure that they are putting sufficient provisions in place over the vacations to support such students. Oxford can be a lonely place outside of term time, but it doesn’t have to be.

Communication and Consistency 

During my time as Women’s Welfare Officer, I saw the need for centralised support for JCR and MCR Welfare Officers. I would ensure that there is sufficient support available for JCR and MCR Welfare Officers so they can do their job the best that they can, through both formal meetings (WelfComm) and informal drop-in sessions. By increasing communication with College Welfare Officers, I will gain a better understanding of what kind of support is needed to ensure the welfare of students university wide.

Keeping Mental Health Central 

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