Candidate for the position of Vice President Women

Alex Foley

Alex Foley for VP Women

In my four and a half years as a post-grad at Oxford, I have tried to be a politically active and responsible member of the student community. In my first year, I was the LGBTQ+ rep for Lincoln College MCR, and I helped run the sexual consent workshops for Lincoln for 3 years. I have also been involved with Lincoln Left Forum, and have experience writing healthcare policy recommendations for marginalised women for Polygeia. I would be honoured to be able to bring this experience to the Oxford SU, where I believe I could make genuine change for good.


- Encourage departments to provide free sanitary products in restrooms (all genders).

- Create an adult sex education seminar series with a focus on female pleasure (e.g. orgasm) and pain (e.g. endometriosis), where students could ask questions of medical professionals.


- Investigate with colleges whether poorly lit areas at night could be better illuminated.

- Create a Facebook page where people can volunteer to walk people home when they feel unsafe, or organise group walks.

Quality of Life

- Compile a list of awards, grants, fellowships, and other resources available for women at Oxford to be made available online.

- Develop a forum for student parents to be able to find other students who are qualified babysitters.

- Raise awareness about the possible deliterious side effects of hormonal birth control, particularly changes in contraception, as they relate to mitigating circumstances.


- Ensure that Oxford is an inclusive and safe space for trans women and gender noncomforming individuals.