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Mehrin Abedin

Manifesto: Mehrin Abedin

Hello, I am Mehrin Abedin, a first-year engineering student at Worcester College. I am running for NUS delegate because your voice is important, and I’ll make sure that it’s heard at the NUS conference. By projecting our student body voice to a national level, I believe we can put forward the change to elevate student life. I propose to highlight the following issues regarding: Student’s fitness and health, equality and diversity and free education. If you want to see this change then vote Mehrin Abedin #1 for NUS delegate!

Fight for Free Education
It is crucial that all students have the access to free education. Every day we see students with high potential turning down the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and skills, for the fear of poverty. Should universities really only be viewed as a barrier for low-income students? Let us erase the lens of loans and debt and reinstate what university should be: preventing the poverty cycle and allowing students to climb up the ladder.
I propose to fight for:

  • Lowering accommodation costs, especially with private owners in older years
  • Scrapping tuition fees
  • Implementing more bursaries and schemes to support low-income students

With this we can allow students to enhance their university experience; not hinder it due to financial struggles.

Improving Student’s Health and Fitness
Many students find themselves stressed and unable to take care of their bodies due to barriers such as cost and accessibility. It has been proven that exercise and wellbeing can lower stress levels and increase performance. Here is how I propose we encourage more students to engage in physical activity:

  • Offering free fitness programmes schemes online (these are flexible and allow students to manage their time better)
  • Free gym memberships for ALL colleges
  • Discounts/ vouchers for healthier foods (fruit and veg)
  • Making sporting society memberships free

We need to do better to improve mental and physical wellbeing.

Eradicating Discrimination
Universities should be a comfortable and homely place for EVERY student. For students to grow and expand their networks, discrimination should be the last thing on their minds. As an ethnic minority, I understand the huge impact that any form of discrimination can have. Therefore, I propose to raise and fight the issues of:

  • Racism/ Sexism
  • Homophobia
  • Islamaphobia
  • Anti-semitism
  • Other forms of discrimination

Together, us students need to come forward and unite to make university a better place for everyone.

If you want to see the changes above, then vote Mehrin for #1 NUS delegate!