Candidate for the position of NUS Delegates

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Otto Barrow

Otto Barrow


For Student Trustee & NUS Delegate

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Greetings! I’m a 2nd Year PPEist at Magdalen College. You’ll probably find me immersed in the beauty of the Old Bod (when I manage to get a slot!) or strolling around the local countryside with the Walking Club.

Being here in Oxford has given me some amazing opportunities and I’d like to give back and represent students across the University of Oxford. Being Student Trustee and NUS delegate requires commitment and organization, and I’ll do my best to serve the student community.  


What I’ve Already Done

Philosophy UJCC Chair and Secretary

Michaelmas Term 2020 -- onwards

  • Approved Special Subjects on Feminist Theory and Philosophy of AI for first teaching from next year
  • Advocated update guidance on papers and theses, improving transparency 

Politics UJCC Communications Officer

Trinity Term 2020 -- present

  • Ensured the department matched lectures to Prelims topics 
  • Campaigned for more lectures with Q&A sessions, to ensure that lectures are more than just paid Youtube!


What I Want to Do

As Student Trustee


Improve Transparency and Communication

Oxford SU does many amazing things, and we need to be even better at communicating this to students.

If elected, I’d look into the best ways of promoting some of the amazing projects we do in consultation with other bodies throughout the university. 


Translate SU Material into other languages

Oxford has an incredibly international student community, and it’s important that everyone feels that we can get involved.

If elected, I’d campaign for translating material into other languages to help ensure that everyone feels included. 


As NUS Delegate

Co-operate with Other National Student Unions

Just because our borders are restricted at the moment, we shouldn’t close our doors to the wider international student community. 

If elected, I would look into building closer links with other National Student Associations, both at the level of the Oxford SU and the NUS


Ensure the NUS Remains Student Focused

The NUS needs to be focused on issues pertaining to students above anything else, and not focus on issues outside of its remit. 

If elected,I would do my best to ensure that this remains the central purpose of any representation I make, in keeping with positions taken by the Oxford SU.