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Jade Calder


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  • My Experience LGBTQ+ & Class Intersectional Rep for SU Campaign
    • Developing a report on Gender Expression Funds at different colleges to tackle support disparities for gender nonconforming students
    • Prior experience of the SU and an understanding of how it works - I also know more needs to be done to communicate the value of the work it does and why students should care
  • Co-chair of Undergraduate Historians Assembly
    • I have experience liaising with students on matters which concern them directly
  • Co-founded a magazine for working class students at Oxford
  • Spoken at Newnham College Cambridge on youth mental health
  • Former Class Rep for LGBTQ+ Soc, LGBTQ+ and Publications Officer for Labour Club, LGBTQ+ JCR Rep
  • Fought for student papers to improve their ethics and inclusivity
  • Work with Insight Outreach, a charity which focuses on Oxbridge applications from underrepresented groups

What I Stand For

  • Let's be honest - many students at Oxford are unaware of the role of the NUS in their lives
    • I aim to make my role as transparent as possible and focus on relevant issues
  • Advocate for a higher education system which is financially accessible for all - the marketisation of universities has led to devastating consequences which we are experiencing. I will fight for fairer rents, fees and economic support for those affected by the COVID-19 crisis
  • Students are facing a mental health crisis - we need adequate funding, training and welfare infrastructure
  • Sexual assault and harassment is rampant at universities and students do not receive enough support to report and deal with incidents. This has to change: mandatory and meaningful training for staff and students, robust channels for reporting and accessing support and a ban student / staff relationships
  • Support for campaigns which work to decolonise curricula
  • Fight against national policies which deter university access for socio-economically disadvantaged and other marginalised students at undergraduate and graduate level
  • Support for marginalised students including POC and LGBTQ+ community. Trans students need access to better financial and welfare support
  • Greater clarity and support for international & year abroad students post-Brexit

She/They - St Peter's College

FB: Jade Calder

Vote 9th-11th February

Students are getting an unfair deal - I'll fight for a better one