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Rafiah Niha

Manifesto: Rafiah Niha


Hi, I’m Rafiah Niha, a 1st year Medic at Magdalen College! I am running for NUS delegate as I want to represent you at the NUS conference by supporting motions that focus on your views at national level.

If elected I will vote to pass motions that address the following issues:


Accessible, readily available mental health services

Oxford being a high pressure, stressful environment means that students need a rapid, accessible and confidential mental health services. This has been exacerbated by the pandemic. However, resources often aren’t readily available or free for all as there are discrepancies amongst colleges. I believe we need a standardised set of resources that are free and available as standard across all colleges, in order to help students through this tough time, whether it be through Mindfulness courses, subscriptions to apps or provide arts and crafts so people can develop a physical outlet for their emotions.


Free education and access for all

It is vital that the NUS continues to fight for the reduction of tuition fees and reinstatement of maintenance grants, with more funding for students from a lower-income background.

Money should not act as a barrier against attainment and students should be able to have equal access to resources and financial assistance packages should be generous enough to overcome any difficulties students may have.

Whilst access has definitely improved, there is still much room for change. Focussing particularly on underrepresented groups such as those from the North of England, those from challenging socio-economic backgrounds and ethnic minorities in order to provide them with the resources that others have to get into universities and places like Oxford.

With the majority of things being online it’s more important than ever that we are provided with the resources that will help us as students to work from home, including access to online books, book grants and funding for technology for assisted learning.


Fight against Discrimination

Right now, more than ever, we need to be standing strong against issues such as islamophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia, sexism and any other forms of discrimination. Students need their universities to be safe places and we can help create that by having students and staff undergo anti-implicit bias training whilst having a multi-faith prayer room in each college that students can utilise.


If you agree with the above then vote Rafiah for #1 NUS delegate!