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Rashmi Samant


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Rashmi's Experience:

  • Oxford SU MPLS-UG Divisional Rep
  • Oxford Aviation Society Co-founder & Gen. Sec.
  • Linacre College  Women's Representative
  • Student Council (India) Sabbatical Officer

This past year, Oxford students have been made to perform under unprecedented circumstances. COVID-19 has presented numerous barriers to student well-being & academic success. The Black Lives Matter movement has shined light on racial injustices and searing inequalities for members of the Black, Asian, & Minority Ethnic (BAME) community.

Despite its challenges, 2020 has also highlighted the many opportunities for improving student life at Oxford. I ask for your support in my campaign for Oxford Student Union President. Together, we can reform long-standing shortcomings at the university, provide students with the resources & support they need to thrive in Oxford and become leading changemakers in our society.


Decolonisation and Inclusivity

Being a BAME woman from a former British colony, Rashmi is empathetic towards the struggles faced by marginalised groups.

Rashmi’s Plan:

  • Lobby the University & Conference of Colleges to remove all statues proven to be imperialist, including Christopher Codrington.
  • Conduct a comprehensive consultation on decolonisation of syllabi to ensure Oxford course texts celebrate and educate Oxford students about the achievements of diverse scholarly voices.
  • Tackle institutional homophobia and transphobia, first through conducting a university-wide consultation with the LGBTQ+ community.

COVID-19 Interventions for All

Spearheaded campaign to suspend Oxford's residency requirements for Hilary Term 2021.

Rashmi’s Plan

  • Push the conference of colleges to extend access to resources & events for graduating one-year Master’s Students.
  • Lobby the university to waive residency requirements, extend safety net & mitigating circumstances until WHO declares end of pandemic.

Access to Quality Mental Health Resources

Part of a mental health task force for 12,000 undergraduates as a Sabb. Officer in India, where mental health remains a taboo.

Rashmi’s Plan

  • Lobby to increase funding for the mental health strategy, to ensure quality and professional access is available to students immediately.
  • Work with counselling services to extend group counselling themes to include individual identities of gender, ethnicity & sexual orientation.
  • Push for the university to inculcate diversity during recruitment of counsellors for better support.

Decarbonising the University

Currently reading for an MSc in Energy Systems with a focus on sustainability in Oxford.

Rashmi’s Plan

  • Lobby the Conference of Colleges to divest entire financial portfolio from fossil fuels as soon as possible.
  • Work with MCRs and JCRs to push all colleges to sign on to a university-wide sustainability strategy.

Connect with Rashmi;  Facebook: rashmidvs ;  Instagram rashmi_in_oxford ;  LinkedIn rashmi-samant

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