Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

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Wesley Ding

Wesley Ding for #1 Trustee – Serving You to Build a Better Oxford SU


I’m Wesley (he/him), a second-year lawyer at Somerville. I’m running to serve as Student Trustee because I want to build a more open, accessible, and accountable SU. I will also work with other student leaders to campaign for a more inclusive Oxford and for more support for student wellbeing during the pandemic. Student Trustees help ensure the good governance of Oxford SU as a charity. As Chair of Student Council (the SU’s ‘legislature’), I’m familiar with Oxford SU’s governance structures.


Image Description: Wesley on the Somerville quad.



Chair of Council, Oxford SU

Co-Chair, International Students’ Campaign, Oxford SU

NUS Liberation Conference Delegate, Oxford SU

Treasurer, Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE), Oxford SU

Deputy Editor, The Oxford Student

Steering Committee, Oxford SU


What is the role of a Student Trustee? Trustees work to ensure the strategic success, financial sustainability, and legal compliance of Oxford SU. They also work to ensure that the charity is effective and accountable to its members.


An Open Oxford SU

  • There should be better communication between Oxford SU and its members. I will organize regular drop-in sessions to ensure students can voice their concerns and understand the work that the SU is doing in a friendly environment.
  • Oxford SU offers a range of events and services for students, including welfare resources which have never been more crucial during the pandemic. I will work with JCR/MCR leaders to ensure that students know how they can access the SU’s resources.
  • I pledge to publish regular reports of my work as a Student Trustee and meetings that I attend to promote transparency.


Student wellbeing

  • I will campaign for the university to adopt policies in respect of residency, teaching, and exams which give full consideration to the circumstances that students are in.
  • I will work to ensure that mental health services at Oxford are approachable and accessible to students.


Toward a more inclusive environment

  • I will ensure that the voices of students from all backgrounds are placed at the forefront of the Trustee Board’s decisions and that our policies represent Oxford’s diversity.
  • I will campaign for a more inclusive curriculum at Oxford, working with the SU’s sabbatical trustees and campaigns.


Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me on Facebook or send an email to! Designed by Wesley Ding.