Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

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Dhitee Goel

Dhitee Goel for Student Trustee

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I Pledge to Ensure the Oxford SU is Efficient, Transparent, and Accessible. 

I believe in Empowering students and improving your Education Experience. 

Above all, I want to Prioritise You 


Why you should vote for me:  

  1. Experienced  

I currently represent over 100 first-year Biochemists in 4 different committees as the Course Rep. I also have extensive experience in financial management and strategic planning.  

  1. Independent  

I am not running as part of a slate, so I will provide objective insights to committee meetings and represent purely student interest. 


  1. Student-Oriented 

I have spearheaded numerous initiatives to improve student experience and well-being, notably I advocated for interactive lecture formats, free programming courses, and organised virtual social events.  

If elected as part of the trustee board, I promise to:  

  • Push for Greater Investment in Student Mental Health and Well-Being. According to the SU 2018 Annual Report, only 21% of Total Budget was spent on Student Welfare.  
  • Campaign against Increase in Overseas Tuition Fees  
  • Campaign for more MOOCs published by Oxford  
  • Organise Introductory Sessions for Freshers about SU Mission 
  • Publicise Annual SU Impact Report  

Increase Accessibility of the Annual Trustee Board Financial Reports