Candidate for the position of Student Trustees

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Bethan Adams

Hey, I’m Bethan (she/her) and I am running to be one of your Student Trustees at the Oxford SU! 

ID: A photo of Bethan standing outside holding cartons of juice and smiling at the camera


What does the role involve?

  • being a member of the Trustee Board, which looks after the Student Union’s financial strategy and legal compliance
  • ensuring that the Oxford SU is accountable to its members and maintains its operations as effectively as possible for the common good


Why me?

  • As President of Turl Street Homeless Action I have gained experience chairing meetings, working with many new people and making key decisions to support the long-term viability of the organisation and expand our work
  • I have also been involved with various other charitable organisations and projects such as Policy Hacks Oxford, Oxfordshire All In and World Experience Exchange, which have entailed working with a team, presenting new ideas and raising potential challenges in relation to certain decisions
  • Through studying Geography I have learnt to identify the various stakeholders involved in decision-making, how they may be affected differently by a decision, and the potential problems that could arise, skills which I feel would be useful when considering strategic decisions made by the Board. Additionally, I am currently studying a ‘Geographies of Finance’ module which has increased my understanding of financial organisations and processes, knowledge which could also be useful during Board meetings
  • Currently co-leading a project creating an online magazine to increase access to Geography at Oxford, I am passionate about breaking barriers to student involvement. As a Student Trustee I would make sure to raise any issues highlighted to me by other students, as a connection point between the SU and the rest of the student body


I would be excited to represent you as a Student Trustee and can guarantee that I would be an active and trustworthy member of the Board, committed to maximising the impact of your SU.