Candidate for the position of Vice President Charities & Community

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Aleena Waseem

Top Middle:

Title in Black: Vote Aleena!

Below In White: VP Charities and Community:

Hi! I’m Aleena (She/Her), a 3rd Year Historian at Catz! I’m running for VPCC to help Oxford play its part in looking after our world.

Below: Circle image of Aleena smiling at the camera.

RAG VP Communications – I have been part of RAG for over 2 Years so I have both experience and love for working with charities!

JCR Secretary – I have represented students and participated in SU Meetings!

WIMS – I’m Part of an Ethnic Minority Student Project which aims to make change and fight the system!

I am organized, passionate and dedicated to helping the world become a better place!


Top Left:

Title in Black: Homelessness Crisis Action Plan!

Below in Green Box:

Put Together a central SU Action Plan, working with external organisations, students and societies, to help the homeless/ those sleeping rough.

Look at the use of uni facilities and resources (Accommodation/Bedding/Food) and how these can be used efficiently to help.


Title in Black: Vac Accommodation for Students in Need!

Below in Green Box:

A difficult home situation means vac accommodation is a necessity for some students.

Set up a central SU system to support students in applying for vac accommodation.

Make the process easier, more accessible and provide additional support to students including introducing a simple application process and welfare support.

Assist students in applying for financial aid to cover extra accommodation.


Top Right

Title in Black: Sustainability Awareness!

Below in Green Box:

Deliver Accessible Workshops in colleges to explain sustainability, why its important and how students can make a difference

Support student organisations

Promote uni and wider developments across colleges.

Keep colleges informed with up to date info through a blog.

Create a university sustainability Instagram with up to date and accessible information.


Title in Black: Sustainable Local Businesses!

Promote ethical, sustainable and affordable local businesses across the university.

Negotiate student discounts.

Produce an accessible A-Z guide for students.

Get local businesses involved in the Homelessness Action Plan.


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