Candidate for the position of Vice President Women

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Kemi Agunbiade

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Hi, I’m Oluwakemi or just Kemi – a finalist law student at Wadham and for the last few years of my degree, I’ve shown a dedication to supporting the women and enbies within our university to best of my abilities. In my second year I was Wadham SU’s Women’s officer and this past year I have held the role of Co-Chair of It Happens Here Oxford:  I ran welfare drop ins, panels, a vigil, women’s career talks, written contraceptive and sex guides, helped with policy change and stood my ground in meetings with people who I had to prove my worth to. In both roles I acted by being the change I wish I had when I came to Oxford and that is what I hope to continue. Especially as I hope to represent and platform the most silenced members of society as a black queer woman myself.


Addressing Sexual Violence

-             Facilitate a staff student relationship ban and if not continue to support It Happens Here in pushing the change college-wide

-             Lead a review on the consent workshop and propose alternative ways of sharing information on consent

-             Distribute It Happens Here’s consent pamphlet


-             Continue the work of the current VP for Women, Alex, and invite speakers to speak on sexual health education with an emphasis on intersectionality

-             Speakers on misdiagnosis in women specifically in autism and ADHD + destigmatisation of mental health services

-             Lobby for counselling service to include a request for a PoC counsellor


-             Reintroduction of Women’s Campaign – to facilitate projects, signpost petitions and protests and reinforce accountability

-             Invite FemSoc and other prominent feminist and women-centric groups to Women’s/GE rep Comm to create a clear line of communication between VP, reps and societies

-             Revive Oxford Women and NB Walk Home Safe


-             Introduce a Women’s Caucus to amplify voices and encourage participation in Student Council

-             Push for regular sessions of gender, trans and racial bias training throughout colleges as the norm

-             Represent the interests best as I can during committee meetings