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Anvee Bhutani

Anvee Bhutani


2nd year, Human Sciences 

For Oxford SU President

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Access and Academics

- Continue to lobby for lecture capture post-pandemic - Increase understanding of what the SU is and how it can support students through regular video updates, drop-in sessions and positive engagement with the student press - Use suggestions from student campaigns to work with initiatives like the Oxford and Colonialism hub to push for a more diverse curriculum 

Community Affairs

- Work with Oxford Worker Justice and the Oxford City Living Wage Campaign to campaign for the living wage to be paid across colleges in line with the University policy - Work with Turl Street Homelessness Action (TSHA) and Oxford Coalition Against Homelessness to implement a plan for colleges to support the local homeless population via food and supply donations 

Welfare and Mental Health

- Lobby for more funding towards existing mental health support programs including for graduate students - Work towards more access and lower wait times for university counselling services - Extend accessibility of welfare resources to suspended students and those not in residence - Lobby to delink welfare services and disciplinary action 

Societies and Clubs

- Provide support to students attempting to start a society via SU guides and workshops - Extend welfare and racial awareness trainings to officers of student societies - Make SU space more accessible for student societies to have meetings and events 


Oxford SU

Co-Chair Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality (CRAE) Contributor The Oxford Student 


Access Ambassador Magdalen College Art Curator Magdalen JCR Freshers Representative Magdalen JCR 


President Oxford India Society President Oxford American Society Managing Director The Oxford Blue Media Editor Cherwell Treasurer Oxford Hindu Society (HumSoc) Senior Consultant Oxford Strategy Group Secretary OX1 Incubator Student Advisory Board Oxford Foundry Shift Leader Turl Street Homelessness Action Events Officer Oxford Law Society 


anvee.bhutani@magd.ox.ac.uk | facebook.com/AnveeBhutaniForOxfordSUPresident