Event Description

5th Week TT18 Student Council

Wed 23 May 2018 17:30-19:00, Mansfield College, Lecture Theatre

Elections in Council

The deadline for submitting a nomination is 1pm on the day before the Council meeting.

Scrutiny Committee (x1) - Following the resignation of a Scrutinty Committee member we are running a by-election. Their job is to interview the Sabbatical Trustees, review the Sabbatical Trustees work and scrutinise them on behalf of Council. Once a term the Scrutiny Committee will present Council with a report and recommendations for the Sabbatical Team.


Steering Committee (x1) - The Steering Committee is made up of the two elected Steering Committee officers, the President and the Returning Officer. Their job is to look over the motions submitted to Council to ensure the are written in accordance with the Rules of Council, are not illegal and do not require steering to another committee first. Also, should an All-Student Consultation be required, the Steering Committee are responsible for ensuring it is held.

Joint Subcommittee of the Education Committee with Student Members(JScECSM) Student Members (x1 UG & x1 PG) - The Joint Subcommittee of the Education Committee with Student Members (JScECSM pronounced jay-sec-sem) is a university committee that meets once per term. The members include the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Education, officers from Oxford SU and students. The meetings are very focused on students in general and Oxford SU specifically. Examples of items that could be on the agenda are the annual reports from Student Advice, the Oxford SU Impact Report and the funding of the SU. There are 2 positions available for any Student Member and 1 which must be a Graduate Student Member. 


Video Reports to Student Council

VP Graduates Report

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