Event Description

Oxford Open Doors

Fri 08 Mar 2019 - Sun 01 Sep 2019,

This will be the 12th Oxford Open Doors, which Oxford Preservation Trust runs with the support of Oxford University. Not only are University buildings and Colleges open to the public, but there is the chance to visit other Oxford buildings, large and small, quirky and unknown. Many of Oxford’s churches are also open, with some of their treasures brought out of storage.

The volunteers are asked to commit at least one half day over the weekend. They will be sent to a venue, either in pairs or alone. Their main task will be to smile and welcome the public in, counting numbers and answering questions where possible. Every venue is different, so the tasks may well vary. Sometimes, OPT asks for help in the run-up to the weekend.

Any student with an interest in Oxford and its incredible history will enjoy being part of OPT, and all volunteers will be invited to an event in the Autumn.

If any students are interested, then please ask them to contact r.connell@oxfordpreservation.org.uk