LOST 2019

Sat 09 November 2019 07:00-21:30, Oxford SU

LIVE TRACKING- Our live blog will be running throughout the day to keep you updated with what's going on!

Want to support our teams? Donate now! All the money raised goes to our four elected charities: Oxfordshire Mind, Beat, Meningitis Now and KEEN Oxford.

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What's LOST?

LOST is back for 2019 - the challenge which takes you out of the library and into a mystery location.

On the 9th November, in small teams, you will be dropped at our historic themed location. Then it’s up to you! You’ve got 12 hours to race back to Oxford, all whilst completing a host of fun challenges! Without using any of your own money find your way back. Hitchhike, walk, or fundraise money from the public for train or bus tickets to be the first team back to win fantastic prizes! By each participant raising £75 for our charities before challenge day, LOST is an unforgettable way to make a difference.



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If you have any specific questions that aren’t answered here, feel free to get in touch at: rag-lost@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk or on any of our social media platforms! 

What is LOST? 

LOST is a sponsored hitchhike event. You are driven to a mystery location in the UK and, in teams, you compete to get back to Oxford in 12 hours, without spending any of your own money. 

When is LOST? 

LOST 2019 is taking place on Saturday 4th week in Michaelmas: 9th November 

How does LOST raise money? 

We ask participants for a registration fee of £25 each. This covers the administrative costs, your event t-shirt, the tracking software and your travel insurance. We then ask each participant to fundraise a minimum of £75, and give plenty of support and fundraising advice. If you’re worried, come along to our fundraising workshop on Friday 28th October to learn more about how to reach your target. This will also be followed by a social where you can meet the other teams participating in this year’s challenge!  


So how do I travel without any money?  

Get creative! In the past teams have been sponsored by travel companies, raised money through busking and hitch-hiked rides. It’s a really good idea to bring a collection bucket with you to raise money from the public during the 12 hours, which you can then use purchase tickets. Often people will agree to donate a certain amount on the condition that half goes towards your travel and half goes to our charities. You’d be surprised how generous both companies and the public can be so always worth asking!  

How many in a team? 

2 or 3 - this is for safety reasons and decided by the SU! 


When is…..? 


First information evening (find out more about the event!)

Wednesday 16th October 


St Catz Lecture Theatre 

Second information evening 

Wednesday 23rd October 


Oxford SU 

Fundraising workshop (non-complusory- we'll show you some tips and tricks to smash your fundraising target)

Monday 28th October 


Oxford SU 

First safety briefing (you'll need to go on one of the safety briefings to take part in the event)

Monday 4th November 


St Catz Lecture Theatre 

Second safety briefing 

Wednesday 6th November 


Oxford SU 


Tell me about safety briefings: 

Every member of the team needs to attend one of the safety briefings which will be happening in 4th week in order to take part in the event. They need to sign up for one via the link received in their confirmation email from the LOST team. 


Are we allowed to spend money on anything? 

Yes! You can buy food and purchase souvenirs on the way with your own money. However, you are not allowed to spend any of your own money on transportation. 


Can we raise money on the way? 

Absolutely. It’s a really good idea to bring a collecting bucket with you so that people can donate to help you on your way. Make it clear what the money is going towards if you are collecting to pay for tickets. People will usually be generous once they hear about the crazy event you are taking part in. 


Is LOST safe? 

As long as you are sensible, LOST is perfectly safe. You will be fully insured. There will be an emergency telephone number that you can ring at any time during, or after, the 12 hours. If you are hitchhiking you must text in the registration number of the car you are riding in. Your tracking device will keep us updated regularly as to where you are. 


Can I win prizes?  

Yes! We’re offering some amazing prizes in loads of categories, with the top prize of tickets to the RAG ball! Follow us on our social media channels to keep updated with other prize announcements in the run up to LOST 2019.   


Where can I keep up to date with LOST updates? 

Follow us on our social media channels!  

Instagram: @OxfordRAG 

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Sounds great! How do I sign up? 

Fill out the Fixr form here: https://fixr.co/event/707307064 


My friends are participating. How do I support them? 

Sponsor them! Ask them for their Virgin Money Giving page URL and give what you can!