theories of (non-)violent revolutions

Thu 11 Feb 2021 - Fri 12 Mar 2021, Online event on zoom

this term, people for womxn* in philosophy (pwip) continues the series ‘theories of (non-)violent revolutions.’ the series aims to address publicly and commonly entertained contradictions in the particular revolutionary topic of each panel – to unpack these contradictions, oversights, and problems to challenge the irresponsibilities of uncritical thought by engaging us in critical inquiry – our broader concern covers the violence perpetuating uncritical thought inflicts and how (non)violence is spoken about and enacted surrounding revolutions and revolutionary thought. this term the lectures include: 1) feminist futures - looking forward – 11th feb 5pm gmt speakers: Alia Al-Saji, Katherine Behar, Shaista Obaidi, Levi Horde hosts: Scarlett Whelan, Mori Rey 2) Black liberation - 18th feb 5-6:30pm speakers: Dr. Greg Moses, Dr. Gail Presbey, Dr. Anthony Neal hosts: Susmita Dave, Emma Weitzmann 3) decolonisation in the 20th century host: Carlotta Hartmann (details forthcoming)


find our MT20's lectures on youtube here:

1) teaching revolutions:

 2) history of 'feminist revolution':

 3) 18th/19th centuries 'decolonisation': 


BONUS: essay writing workshop for prelims & finals (details forthcoming)