Event Description

Building a National Education Service Together

Mon 27 January 2020 17:30-19:30, Oxford SU

Oxford SU + National Union of Students – Your Education Matters – Building a National Education Service Together

Education is the fuel for our society and economy. It is the gateway to equality. It’s where we’ll find solutions to climate change. It’s how we get qualified to get a job and re-train when the world changes. Despite education being the key to our future, politicians have failed to deliver a coherent strategy in more than a decade, and overall spend on education has fallen.


The National Union of Students (NUS) is asking you to join our campaign to build an education system which sees education as a public good, a benefit to all of us, and an institution to be valued like the NHS. Our ambitions are huge but that’s exactly why it is worth doing. We’re going to build a new National Education Service (NES) which is:

  • Accessible: Education should be available to all and we will break down the institutional and financial barriers which mean that is not the case now.
  • Funded: There should be a parity of funding between Further and Higher Education and more directed funding to meet social and economic needs.
  • Life-long: Students should be able to continue to learn throughout their lives, change career, retrain, and develop new skills.  To do that we need flexible funding and learning opportunities attached to institutions with deep civic responsibilities.


But we need YOU to help us shape the NES beyond these principles. That is why, working with Durham SU, we are launching our first of many ‘Your Education Matters’ student forums – which we will being holding all around the country.


In this forum you will have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from NUS Vice-President Higher Education Claire Sosienski Smith about the campaign for a National Education Service
  • Learn about the current landscape of UK further and higher education
  • Hear a local guest speaker comment on the campaign
  • Lead the session, tell us about the issues your facing on the ground and co-create our proposal for a National Education Service.

In the midst of a general election and strike action at universities across the country this is your opportunity to help lead a national campaign to transform the UK education system forever.

Read more about the National Education Service here: https://www.nusconnect.org.uk/campaigns/national-education-service

Watch NUS’ President Zamzam Ibrahim speech to launch the National Education Service campaign here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8z5qqn-3NIM